Ally Walters
Yacht Broker

Ally Walters was born and raised in Florida her whole life. Grew up around the ocean and spent most of her days freediving and working by the water. Fishing with her dad was one of her favorite activities growing up. Her free time is enjoyed by just exploring reefs in Florida and going on adventures.


She spent many years traveling to places such as- Italy, France, Mexico, Portugal, Hawaii, along with 18 other countries. Ally developed a high skill level of photography and marketing throughout this journey meanwhile educating herself about the world and different cultures.

During this period she was on and off many yachts created around the world and fell in love with the artistry that’s involved in designing boats.


Young and determined, she made the jump to get her license. She became a broker at Allied Marine's Stuart Office with the motivation to give a new kind of experience to clients ready to list/buy their vessel. 


Developing friendships and making memories is the number one goal in this field for Ally. She is ecstatic just to be apart of someone’s journey and is dedicated to making the experience as exciting as possible. Passionate is the best word to describe how she feels about her role.

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