Cookie White
Yacht Broker

Cookie White is a Florida native, born and raised along the waters of Miami and the Florida Keys. Her passion for the sea is deep rooted in seafaring history with a family lineage of sea captains originating from Norway. Following their course was only natural. Cookie obtained her USCG tonnage license at a very young age and pursued the life of a captain.

She spent many years traveling at sea, gaining a vast amount of experience while working in private, corporate and charter yachting. Over the years, having worked closely with industry leaders, Cookie accomplished a very keen sense for the refined details essential in yachting.

Some additional attributes offered from her experience include owner, operator and spouse orientations, yacht management and outfitting, refit projects including a vast amount of exceptional interior design resources.

Although yachting has been a passionate achievement, Cookie’s life has also been fulfilled with raising two outstanding sons. Strong family values, integrity and commitment are the standards governing her success. As a result, this level of dedication will be established with every client providing a recognizably different experience whether buying or selling.

Cookie’s personal interests include traveling, fishing, diving, and sharing the beauty of the sea with her family and friends.

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