David Galante
Yacht Broker

My passion is being on the water and sharing that joy with my 3 children: Nicole, Ellen and Alberto. Starting out with my dad, I’ve been a boater since I was 10 years old.

If you love being on the water, it feels like all your efforts in life are being rewarded when you acquire a new boat. But dollars per foot is never the whole story. How your boat handles, its intrinsic safety, and its reliability are key.

I am dedicated to navigating you through the full process of buying a boat. I explain everything and provide what really matters to your boating experience: service before and after the sale. I answer your questions and put to rest any worries you may have. I make it easier to obtain the lifestyle and the experiences this purchase is going to provide to you, and that’s where lifelong memories of being on the water come from.

(Languages: English and Spanish)

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