Michelle Manfredi

Michelle Manfredi is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up with a very active lifestyle, playing every sport imaginable in her your youth. By the time she was in high school, soccer and basketball were her two main sports along with running track in the offseason. Playing on competitive, nationally ranked teams had Michelle traveling all over the country for tournaments and ignited her spark for traveling. After earning a full scholarship for basketball in college, Michelle played four years at Niagara University and finished her career playing in the most games in school history and 2nd all time leading rebounder.

After college, Michelle continued her spark to see the world when she took a job playing professional basketball in Germany. From that point on, the passion to travel just continued. Over the next 5 years, Michelle coached at the collegiate level and then became a director for Nike Youth Basketball Camps in the southeast. Basketball led Michelle to the south, and the south led Michelle to the world of yachting.

Michelle was ready to make a change from basketball but wasn't sure in what direction. She did her homework on the yachting industry and being that she had always had a love for the sea, it seemed to be a no brainer. She took her STCW and moved to St. Maarten. Two weeks later, she landed a job on a 265' yacht and away she went. Michelle spent 5 years as a stewardess traveling the world on charter yachts ranging from 85' to 265'.

Her sports background has helped her excel in all aspects of life. She is very motivated and disciplined which has transferred over to her work. That combined with her understanding of the yacht charter industry helped her transition smoothly into yacht charter management.

Yachting is a big part of Michelle's life, however she is also really passionate about health and fitness. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and continues to live a very active life. Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband Neal, who is a yacht captain, and their two dogs.