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Founded in 1873, the Benetti Yacht brand has long captured the imagination of the world’s celebrity elite and charmed them. From Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly aboard the Benetti Gabbiano, to Freddy Mercury and Queen’s song Khashoggi s Ship, to Sean Connery filming the James Bond film Never Say Never Again aboard the Nabila, Benetti Yachts has been there.

A family-owned shipyard from the start, this commitment has driven its steady, stable growth for nearly a century and a half. Through it all, they have pioneered technological advances, enjoyed impactful design collaborations, and maintained some of the highest quality standards found in yachts today.


Benetti Yachts A Study in Sustainability

At the center of Benetti’s commitment to innovation is its commitment to sustainability. Their FB272 Giga Yacht featured the debut of a hybrid propulsion system with diesel-electric engines and two Azipod propulsion units. Designed for silent, vibration-free operation and a responsibility to the environment, this system sets a shining example of what is possible for future generations.

The system’s multiple operation modes allow for every conceivable scenario, always maximizing the efficiency of the hybrid system to its fullest potential. The balancing of diesel and electric components across this range of operating scenarios is an impressive example of Benetti’s commitment to leading-edge technology in this regard.


Benetti Yachts Distinctive Designers

One of the hallmarks of Benetti Yachts legacy is its alliances with some of the world’s foremost designers. Since the 1980s, the company has collaborated with some of the world’s most talented design minds to create some of the most unique results ever seen on the water. Names like François Zuretti, Andrew Winch, Stefano Natucci, Marty Lowe, Dickie Bannenberg, John Munford, Terence Disdale, and Stefano Righini contributed to the style-hungry buyers of the day.

More recently, partnerships with the likes of these designers continue this legacy:

  • RWD Studio is a London-based team known for sophisticated, custom-made exteriors and interiors.

  • New York-based Bonetti/Kozerski Studio, known for its Italian style, designs all Donna Karan stores worldwide–as well as her private villa and various boutique hotels.

  • Baciocchi Associati, is known for designing luxurious boutiques for brands like Prada and Miu Miu, as well as deluxe hotels like the Orologio in Venice.

Benetti Yachts Voracious Variety

From 29 to 107 meters, Benetti covers the scope of world-class yachting like few others, with two dozen of the world’s most distinctive designs–up to and including their custom Mega and Giga Yachts.


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