About Garlington Yachts

This Stuart, Florida brand was founded in 1980 when Richard Garlington, an avid offshore fisherman, was largely unimpressed with the sportfishing yachts of the time. His solution? Team up with famed 1960s submarine designer and friend Dan McCarthy to design something better. The result was a distinctly clean design capable of handling angry seas and uncompromising yacht buyers.

Later purchased by the Landaweer family, the same often-imitated look and ride the company was founded on was preserved, though not duplicated. Their familiar lines are said to be some of the most emulated on the water.


Meticulous Manufacturing 

Garlington Landaweer takes pride in bettering itself with each custom yacht they launch. The company credits its team of expert yacht craftsmen with the thirst for excellence that the company was founded on. A Garlington Yacht is renowned for its signature sweeping sheer lines, proud bow, and formidable, yet subtle, bow flare. The interiors blend classic elegance with functional comfort, while the mechanical components are equally excellent in their impeccable design and enduring performance.

Core-based composite construction is a Garlington hallmark. The use of proven, cored hulls and superstructure construction techniques yield a finished product with a formidable weight-to-stiffness ratio, providing an uncommonly smooth, quiet ride capable of fending off some of the heaviest sea conditions. Add to that the performance and fuel-efficiency this blend brings, and Garlington owners enjoy a level of performance few captains enjoy.


Resin-Infused Rigidity

Central to the Garlington ride is the combination of lightweight materials and a resin infusion. This combination creates a composite hull where lightweight base material like closed-cell foams (Corecell), fiberglass, balsa wood, and honeycomb are infused with resin. This process forcibly removes the air in these normally porous materials, then fills the voids with liquid resin, binding them into a composite end product with formidable weight-to-rigidity, producing Garlington’s distinctively soft, seaworthy ride.


Model Offerings

Garlington Landaweer offers new yachts in 44-, 49-, and 61-foot Express models, and 61- and 71-foot Flybridge configurations. Each affords the commissioning buyer the freedom to fully customize every aspect of the craft. Previously owned Garlingtonyachts are readily sought after among the world’s leading yacht brokerages.


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