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Horizon Yachts builds a variety of models including power catamarans, explorers, fast displacement yachts, and custom megayachts up to 130 feet (40m) in length. Established in 1987, the company honed in on its niche when it recognized the growth of the marine market for luxury yachts over 80 feet (24m) in 1993.


Horizon Yacht, the parent company of Horizon Group, is an efficient consortium of businesses including the Horizon Shipyard located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The company was co-founded by John Lu, Gong Shan Chiai, and Cheng Shun Hui in 1987.


All of the associated companies are organized into what Horizon describes as an integrated company structure where each focuses on its specific expertise. Horizon Group utilizes four subsidiary shipyards during yacht production. The Horizon facility has mechanical engineering, interior design, business administration, human resources, a global marketing center, and IT and management offices.


The Horizon Shipyard includes:


  • Two test tanks for yachts under 130 feet (36m)
  • A 5-axis router for accurate molds
  • A CNC milling department 
  • A technology-based management electronic system to manage and control construction, inventory, administration, and customer service

Built to high-quality standards, many of the company's yachts are built to Det Norske Veritas (DNV), MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency), Bureau Veritas (BV), or Lloyd’s Register class specifications.


Navigate Through the Past 30 Years With Horizon


  • Horizon Yacht was co-founded in 1987 by a naval architect, Chief Executive Officer John Lu, Gong Shan Chiai, and Cheng Shun Hui. John Lu serves as chief executive officer.  The company started during a boom in the Taiwan yacht building industry with less than 30 employees.

  • The years between 1988 and 1991 saw a shift from being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for yachts under 50 feet for customers in the United States, Australia, and Sweden to 45 and 58-foot models for buyers in Europe and Asia. This change occurred as the Taiwanese dollar appreciated, labor wages increased and materials prices rose.

  • This shift continued to create growth in the European and Asian markets during 1992 and 1996 and Horizon was able to continue as an OEM. Horizon and its European dealer Drettmann co-developed the Elegance line, including the launch of an 80-foot yacht.

  • During the years between 1997 and 2001, Horizon Yacht met European Economic Area requirements and received ISO-9002 certification. Expansion continued in Europe, brokerage houses were introduced in the U.S., and the Atech Composites facility and Vision Shipyard were created.

  • Horizon restructured its companies for efficiency under the Horizon Group between 2000 and 2005. Atech Composite Company was in place to handle composite engineering using vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process for hulls and superstructures. Vision Yachts set about to focus on the build of 52- to 80-foot (15-24m) yachts. Premier Yacht was set to maintain, refit, and repair yachts of 100 feet (30m ) and larger. And Horizon City Marina was completed as a world-class luxury yacht marina.

  • As growth continued between 2002 and 2006 Horizon shifted to group management to optimize specialized member factories including Premier Yachts, CNC Tooling Center, and Q&E Furniture to a total of 1.2 million square feet of workspace.

 A Few Recent Recognitions for Horizon Yachts

  • 2021 - Taiwan Excellence Awards’ Gold Award given to the Horizon 102 foot (31m), the highest honor of the award established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs for nominees who excel in research and development, design, quality, and marketing.
  • 2020 - The Horizon 77-foot (24m) wins the Taiwan Excellence Awards
  • 2019 - Horizon 87 ft (27m) wins the Taiwan Excellence Awards and Taiwan Excellence - Gold Award
  • 2018 - Asia Boating Awards was awarded to the Horizon 85-foot (26m) FD85 for Best Asian Built Yacht
  • 2017 - Horizon 120-foot (36m) RP120 awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award
  • 2016 - The Horizon RP120 awarded Best Asian Built Yacht by Asia Boating Awards
  • 2016 - Taiwan Excellence Gold Award presented to Horizon E88
  • 2015 - Horizon RP110 “Esther 7” selected as a Finalist for semi-displacement or planing two-deck motor yacht in the 30 to 37.99m category at the World Superyacht Awards
  • 2015 - Horizon PC60 wins the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award and recognized as Best Asian Yacht Builder (25m) by 2Asia Boating Awards

Some of the Top Horizon Models


EP Series

  • EP150

P Series

  • P110
  • P130
  • P140

RP Series

  • RP97
  • RP110
  • RP120

FD Series

  • FD75
  • FD80
  • FD85
  • FD87
  • FD92
  • FD102 - The FD102 is the largest yacht in the high-volume FD series. The model is designed by Cor D. Rover with a high-performance piercing bow and hull design for a more stable ride.
  • FD125

E Series

  • E56
  • E56XO
  • E62
  • E75
  • E78
  • E84
  • E88
  • E98

V Series

  • V68
  • V72
  • V80

PC Series

  • PC52
  • PC60
  • PC65
  • PC74

CC Series

  • CC80
  • CC110
  • CC115

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