About Intrepid Yachts

Variety And Innovation


Intrepid Powerboats designed and built outboard powerboats ranging from 25 feet to 47 feet since 1983. Models include sport yachts, walk-around cruisers, express cruisers, cuddy cabins, and center console boats.


The Intrepid brand has tagged innovation as key to its success, especially in the field of advanced composite construction. The integration of such technologies results in stronger boats that are designed to withstand rugged weather, difficult sea conditions, and any other unforeseen situation.


Intrepid Powerboats are built for almost any use, whether engaged in a competitive-fishing excursion, a scuba-dive adventure, a family outing, or even the extra stress faced when towed as a tender for a megayacht. Such versatility is a testament to safety that has expanded the company’s customer base to include several branches of law enforcement - federal, state, and local agencies - that recognize that Intrepid’s well-rounded vessels fit the bill for even the most challenging situations.


Many of Intrepid’s models have deeper drafts with deep-V and modified-V hulls, plus wider beams than many others in the industry. Ever versatile, models include propulsion systems of almost any configuration, ranging from outboard 2- or 4-stroke, inboard, or inboard/outboard using gas, diesel, or a variety of innovative fueling.


One-of-a-Kind Boats


Known for custom and semi-custom boats specifically designed to meet an owner’s on-water dreams, the company lives up to its motto, “One of a Kind. One at a Time.” The company is a direct-to-consumer boatbuilder.


Intrepid options include a diverse array of features like extra-large rod holders, macerated fish boxes, pressurized baitwells, and self-bailing cockpit drainage systems for the angler. Added comfort options include stand-up heads with showers, wrap-around forward seating, and electric backrests. Many models have scuba dive doors and stepladders that are built off the side of the hull for safety, ease of use, and placed at a protective distance from engine and propellers. Other models include a fold-in dive door that lays against the gunwale, flip-out ladders, and handrails.


With a beginning in Opa-Locka, Florida, the company now maintains a facility in Largo, Florida for manufacturing and a sales center in Dania Beach, Florida.


Important Business Relationships


Intrepid Powerboats powered up with a partnership with Seven Marine. Seven Marine began in Wisconsin in the summer of 2010 and debuted its original 557 engine at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show. Since joining forces to power Intrepids, quads have been installed on the Intrepid 475 Panacea and 475 Sport Yacht, twin engines power the Intrepid 400 Center Console and 410 Evolution, and engines were installed on the 327 Center Console Tournament Edition Fishboat to ensure success as a rugged competitor.


Also, Intrepid Powerboats president Ken Clinton has built a company relationship with Blue Gas Marine for diversity in gas and natural gas hybrid propulsions as an option to increase fuel economy and efficiency on Intrepid models, according to articles in Soundings Trade Only. Blue Gas Marine offers an add-on for engines to use hybrid bi-fuel or dual-fuel systems which can use natural gas or traditional fuel (gasoline or diesel), or both fuels combined. Intrepids fitted with this system can switch fuels on-demand at any speed. The add-on system includes electronic fuel injection, natural gas high-pressure lines, pressure gauges, safety devices, and a helm control.


In 2019, Intrepid owners gathered for the first company-organized rendezvous during the Intrepid's Hawk's Cay Owner's Rendezvous in the Florida Keys, Florida with Intrepid president Ken Clinton.


Popular Intrepid Powerboat Models

  • 200 Flats
  • 245 Center Console
  • 300 Center Console
  • 327 Valor
  • 327-i Center Console
  • 323 Cuddy
  • 345 Nomad FE
  • 345 Nomad SE
  • 345 Valor
  • 375 Nomad FE
  • 375 Nomad SE
  • 375 Valor
  • 407 Nomad FE
  • 407 Nomad SE
  • 407 Panacea
  • 409 Valor
  • 410 Evolution
  • 430 Sport Yacht
  • 438 Evolution
  • 475 Panacea
  • 475 Sport Yacht
  • 477 Evolution


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