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For more than 35 years, Jupiter Marine International has designed and manufactured offshore sportfishing boats. Semi-custom-built, these outboard-powered boats use the latest technology and are built in a factory in Palmetto, Florida.


Jupiter models offer the latest in technology and are considered to have excellent performance in part due to the company’s "Posi-Stern" hull pad. The Posi-Stern design adds to fuel efficiency, speed, excellent turning ability, and smooth ride by creating a perfect running angle.


Employees at Jupiter hand-laminate solid multi-directional knitted fiberglass, resins, and high-density coring to build hull bottoms and uni-grid stringer systems. Jupiter models also come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty for structural integrity.


Follow the Wake of Jupiter Marine’s History


Back in the beginning, Jupiter Marine was founded on the southeast Florida coast in 1989. Started in the company’s namesake town at the intersection of the Jupiter inlet and the Loxahatchee River, Jupiter, Florida is in Palm Beach County.


The company started with Carl Herndon at the helm for incorporation in 1991. Herndon served as the company’s first president and he guided expansion with his strong business and maritime background. His years of experience were suited to meet the needs of mariners for performance and reliability, especially those in the sportfishing world. He built on his expertise as he had worked his way through the ranks as former president of Bertram Yachts, builder of sport fish and high-performance powerboats. Next was Herndon’s position as the founder and chief executive officer of Blackfin Yacht Corporation, a manufacturer of fishing and leisure boats with carbon fiber reinforced hulls. 


For the start of Jupiter Marine, Herndon had gathered a group of skilled craftsmen known from his years of work in the industry.  He and the team built the first model, the Jupiter 31.


As the company grew, it sought to increase efficiency, quality, and varieties of models on the production line, by relocating the company to a larger facility in 1998. The new manufacturing plant was located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the property previously used to manufacture boats for the Blackfin Yacht Corporation.


Then nine years later, to continue company expansion, Jupiter relocated to Palmetto, Florida in 2007. This 50,000-square-foot facility is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The new factory amped up the production line for Jupiter’s Express model’s build. The Palmetto shop houses hull molds, processes boat painting, and enhances the company’s office space.


Jupiter models are individually built, are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) construction techniques, and meet or exceed the standards established by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the U.S. Coast Guard.


In March of 2019, Jupiter Marine International appointed Bryan Harris to the position of president, after 30 years under the leadership of Carl Herndon. Craig Herndon, Carl’s son, is the company vice president.

Harris brought his 30 years of experience in the marine industry, including 10 years of executive leadership and a term as vice president of sales and marketing of Everglades Boats.


Some of the Jupiter Marine Top Models

  • 21-foot Jupiter Flats - Was introduced in 1998.
  • 25-foot Jupiter Bay Boat - Was introduced in 1989.
  • 26-foot Jupiter - The 26.5-foot Jupiter 26 was launched on the market in 2012. Sporty with an eight-foot eight-inch beam and just under eight feet for bridge clearance, this sporty boat has just 20- to 31 inches of draft, depending on motor up or down.
  • 27-foot Jupiter Open - Was introduced in 2003.
  • 29-foot Jupiter Open - Was introduced in 2006.
  • 30-foot Jupiter - The nearly 30-foot Jupiter with a beam of nine-feet and four-inches was launched in 2014. Clearing bridges with eight feet and 10 inches this boat maneuvers in just 22-33 inches of water, depending on whether motors are up or down.
  • 31-foot Jupiter FS - Was introduced in 2005.
  • 31-foot Jupiter Open - Was introduced in 1995.
  • 32-foot Jupiter - Reminiscent of the first Jupiter, the new Jupiter 32 builds on the original icon with a length of  32 feet and 8 inches and a beam of nine-feet and nine-inches.
  • 34-foot Jupiter - The Jupiter 34 center console was launched in 2009. This versatile boat boasts a 10.5-foot beam and draft between two to three feet (motor up or down) and is known for a smooth, dry ride.
  • 38-foot Jupiter HFS - Just over 38-feet, the Jupiter 38 was introduced in 2007.
  • 41-foot Jupiter Sport Bridge - The Jupiter 41 was introduced on the market in 2016. Considered the flagship for Jupiter, the helm station brings climate control ability to the bridge and seating areas. Ever a sport fish, this more appointed model offers accommodations for five onboard with a 12-foot and eight-inch beam.
  • 43-foot Jupiter - The Jupiter 43 aims to meet the needs of the serious angler by blending sportfish and center console into a sportfishing boat. This 12-foot and six-inch beam and accommodations for two offers high performance.


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