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Discover Allied Marine's current inventory of new and pre-owned Riva yachts available for purchase.

As the exclusive US dealer for new Riva Yachts, Allied Marine offers a range of options including current-year models and preorder reservations for yachts slated for construction in 2022 and 2023. Dive into our complete selection of Riva Yachts for Sale. We at Allied Marine are committed to providing comprehensive information about the exceptional quality and performance of our new Riva yachts. Learn about the fascinating history of the Riva brand below.

A RICH HERITAGE SINCE 1842 The legacy of Riva began in 1842 in Laglio, Italy, nestled on the shores of Lake Como, when a visiting fisherman recognized young Pietro Riva's talent in boat repair. This humble encounter marked the inception of Riva's illustrious journey.

Pietro's craftsmanship extended beyond repairs as he ventured into building fishing boats. His son, Ernesto Riva, inherited his passion and craftsmanship, envisioning motorboats as the future. In 1881, Ernesto built the first motorboat, setting the stage for Riva's transition into leisure craft.

THE ERA OF MOTORBOATS AND SPEEDBOAT RACING After Ernesto's untimely demise in 1907, his son Serafino Riva took the reins, steering the family business towards leisure craft. Embracing technological advancements, Serafino propelled Riva into motorboat racing, captivating renowned pilots and elevating the brand's profile.

THE LEGENDARY RIVA RUNABOUT In the 1930s, Riva introduced the iconic mahogany runabout, which retained its popularity through the Second World War. Post-war, Riva continued innovating, catering to emerging trends like water skiing, while maintaining its commitment to timeless design and superior craftsmanship.

EMBRACING MODERNITY In 1949, Carlo Riva assumed leadership, initiating a collaboration with designer Giorgio Barilani. By the late 1960s, Riva yachts epitomized luxury and elegance, frequented by celebrities and immortalized in cinema.

EVOLVING OWNERSHIP In 1991, Rolls Royce acquired Riva, followed by the Ferretti Group in 2000. Under Ferretti's stewardship, Riva renewed its focus on quality, design, and style.

As part of the Ferretti Group, Allied Marine proudly serves as the exclusive dealer for new Riva Yachts along the East Coast of the United States.


RIVA ISEO: Explore the modern elegance of the Riva Iseo, blending history with innovation.
RIVA 33' AQUARIVA SUPER: Experience the timeless charm of the Aquariva Super, a tribute to its legendary predecessor.
RIVA ANNIVERSARIO: Celebrate Riva's heritage with the Anniversario, embodying the essence of past and present.
RIVA 38' RIVAMARE: Indulge in the Rivamare's fusion of legend, modernity, and class, ideal for a seductive cruising experience.
RIVA 48' DOLCERIVA: Discover the reimagined Dolceriva, offering luxurious on-board living in a sleek 48' open yacht.
RIVA 56’ RIVALE: Immerse yourself in the sporty elegance of the Rivale, boasting peerless creativity and cutting-edge technology.
RIVA 66’ RIBELLE: Experience the rebellious spirit of the Ribelle, combining exceptional design with luxurious amenities.
RIVA 68’ DIABLE: Unveil the fashion-driven spirit of the Diable, setting new standards in open yacht design.
RIVA 76' BAHAMAS SUPER: Embark on a journey of luxury with the Bahamas Super, a sleek and stylish convertible yacht.
RIVA 76' PERSEO SUPER: Enjoy the unparalleled livability and performance of the Perseo Super, a testament to Riva's excellence.
RIVA 88' DOMINO SUPER: Revel in the innovative features and sleek design of the Domino Super, a true masterpiece.
RIVA 88' FOLGORE: Experience the magnetic allure of the Folgore, a captivating blend of modernity and tradition.
RIVA 88' FLORIDA: Redefine yachting with the Florida, featuring a convertible top system for versatile cruising.
RIVA 90' ARGO: Embrace futuristic design and high-tech solutions aboard the Argo, a one-of-a-kind flybridge yacht.


RIVA 102' CORSARO SUPER: Discover the redesigned Corsaro Super, a grand masterpiece of yacht design.
RIVA 110' DOLCEVITA: Experience unlimited beauty and luxury aboard the Dolcevita, a symbol of contemporary elegance.
RIVA 130' BELLISSIMA PROJECT: Envision luxury redefined with the Bellissima Project, offering unparalleled comfort and style.
RIVA 50METRI: Fulfill Carlo Riva's dream with the 50METRI, a groundbreaking steel motor yacht embodying elegance and innovation.
RIVA 54METRI PROJECT: Explore the spirit of Riva with the 54METRI Project, offering sublime luxury and unmatched performance.

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