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Born For Fishing


Throughout many incarnations since 1919, Rybovich has maintained its primary mission: to build quality sportfishing yachts for the serious angler. Always connected with the Rybovich family in some form or another, the business got its start with John "Pop" Rybovich’s repair shop for boats in South Florida. Soon, the diverse skills of the next generation joined the team.  These were “Pop’s” sons, Johnny, Tommy, and Emil Rybovich.


With a strong background in fishing, this Rybovich group began to clarify its niche in the maritime market. The family combined their boat-building skills with their love for the sport and created designs and constructed boats with innovative features to enhance the fishing experience in style. All of the parts came together in 1947 when the 34-foot Miss Chevy II was born, she was considered the first custom-built sportfishing boat, and was outfitted with aluminum outriggers and a fighting chair.


A Signature Look Emerges


It was in the early 1950s when a unique curvature was built into the side of a Rybovich deck hull. It was a broken sheer, and that design became part of the Rybovich signature look.


In 1952, Miss Chevy IV launched with the broken-sheer design and other additions began to turn mariner heads, including aluminum tuna towers and transom doors for better large-fish access. Innovations and custom work continued on Rybovich boats ranging from 24-feet to a 94-foot model under construction in 2020.


Business Changes Through the Years


The Rybovich team launched 75 hulls during the company’s first 25 years, but eventually, the first major business change arrived with the sale of the company to Bob Fisher in 1975. During this time, Michael Rybovich, Emil’s son, was the lead boat builder.


In 1984, a new company, Rybovich International was born along with a new design. Ruthie was the brand’s first 32-foot walkaround model.


In 1989, another business incarnation, Ryco Marine, took advantage of mariners’ interest in the manufacture of larger sportfishing boats. Over the next several years, the company met that need with boats in the 60-foot range.


H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. bought the company in the early 2000s and soon developed a partnership with Ryco Marine’s Michael Rybovich in 2005. This company, Rybovich & Sons, manufactured the largest boats yet, boats in the 54- to 78-foot range.


The 2008 economic recession severely affected business for the Rybovich brand and the focus shifted dramatically.  In 2010 the company ceased boat-building to construct a full-service superyacht marina in Riviera Beach, Florida. This incarnation of the company was dissolved in 2011 and Michael Rybovich & Sons Custom Boat Works was born. This company thrives today with help from Michael’s sons, Dusty Rybovich, Alex Gill, and Blake Gill on the site of the former E&H Boat Works in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


Builders of the Rybovich Brand


Boats built under the family brand include those by John Rybovich & Sons Boat Works in West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach, Florida; Rybovich Marine Services; Rybovich/Spencer, Rybovich Yachts; Rybovich International; Rybovich & Sons; Rybo Pro; and Michael Rybovich & Sons Boat Works.


Top Rybovich Models On the Water Today


  • 64-foot Walkaround
  • 24-foot Center Console
  • 28-foot Center Console
  • 31-foot Sportfisherman
  • 32-foot Sportfisherman
  • 34-foot Sportfisherman
  • 36-foot Sportfisherman
  • 37-foot Sportfisherman
  • 38-foot Sportfisherman
  • 40-foot Sportfisherman
  • 42-foot Sportfisherman
  • 43-foot Sportfisherman
  • 45-foot Sportfisherman
  • 47-foot Sportfisherman
  • 48-foot Sportfisherman
  • 50-foot Sportfisherman
  • 53-foot Sportfisherman
  • 54-foot Sportfisherman
  • 55-foot Sportfisherman
  • 56-foot Sportfisherman
  • 57-foot Sportfisherman
  • 60-foot Sportfisherman
  • 65-foot Sportfisherman
  • 68-foot Sportfisherman
  • 73-foot Sportfisherman
  • 78-foot Sportfisherman
  • 86-foot Sportfisherman
  • 28-foot Express
  • 30-foot Express
  • 32-foot Express
  • 33-foot Express
  • 34-foot Express
  • 36-foot Express
  • 39-foot Express
  • 40-foot Express
  • 44-foot Express
  • 54-foot Express
  • 43-foot Yachtfisherman
  • 48-foot Yachtfisherman 
  • 54-foot Yachtfisherman
  • 75-foot Yachtfisherman

The Rybovich Brand In 2020 and Looking to the Future


Michael Rybovich & Sons are working on several designs, including:


  • 39-foot Express
  • 47-foot Sportfisherman
  • 66-foot Walkaround
  • 62-foot Sportfisherman
  • 65-foot Sportfisherman
  • 68-foot Sportfisherman
  • 73-foot Sportfisherman
  • 78-foot Skybridge
  • 78-foot Sportfisherman
  • 86-foot Sportfisherman
  • 94-foot Sportfisherman


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