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San Lorenzo Yachts is known for its focus on customized exclusivity. They have limited yacht production so that none of the nearly 1,000 Sanlorenzos launched have been built with the same design. Although the brand has continued to grow and build more yachts annually, it previously aimed to launch about 50 yachts a year.


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Yachts produced at Sanlorenzo fall into several categories: composite yachts ranging from 24 to 38 meters are built under the yacht division, aluminum and steel yachts running 40 to 68 meters fall under the superyacht division, and the 13 to 22 meter composite yachts are manufactured in the sport-utility Bluegame division.


With a business start in Limite Sull'Arno in Italy’s Tuscan region in 1958, the company Sanlorenzo Yachts today has grown to facilities located in four shipyards in Italy, which has greatly improved the annual number of available Sanlorenzo yachts for sale. Company headquarters are located in Ameglia, superyachts are built in the La Spezia shipyard, with two more facilities in Viareggio and Massa.


In 1974 Giovanni Jannetti acquired the majority of the Sanlorenzo company and elevated the concept of customization. He transitioned the company from wooden boat building into the fiberglass era and highlighted the individuality of each yacht and limited annual production. In 2005, Massimo Perotti, the company’s executive chairman, became the majority shareholder in the company.


To meet design and build needs across the Atlantic Ocean, the company opened Sanlorenzo Americas. That team includes classically trained designer Marty Lowe and Italian-born project engineer Fabrizio Loi of Inter Yachting. Although tailor-made, Sanlorenzo yachts can include luxury lighting brand Artemide, kitchen designs from Boffi, and furniture from Minotti and Flexform.


Luca Santella was a champion Olympic sailor who designed unique sailboats including the Luja 55. He eventually enlisted naval engineer Louis T. Codega to work with him and they developed the Bluegame 47. In 2018, the company became part of the Sanlorenzo group.


A Glance at the Sanlorenzo Timeline


1958 - Founders Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia open shipyard.

1972 - A new location is opened in Viareggio under Giovanni Jannetti.

1985 - Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo, as the company is known, launched its first fiberglass yacht.

1999 - Manufacturing moved to La Spezia, Liguria, Italy.

2005 - Leadership again changed with the shareholding majority in the hands of Massimo Perotti from Giovanni Jannetti. The name Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo is changed to Sanlorenzo.

2007 - The company opened another shipyard back in Viareggio to build fiberglass yachts over 30 meters.

2016 - The Sanlorenzo Superyacht shipyard opened in La Spezia. The company also initiated a research and development center in Massa to begin development on the next generation of Sanlorenzo yachts for sale.


A Peek at Some Awards and Recognition For Sanlorenzo



  • Sanlorenzo’s Bluegame BGX70 named Best Custom Yacht by Motor Boat and Best Comeback by Robb Report


  • Sanlorenzo’s Bluegame BGX70 named Most Avant-Garde Yacht by World Yacht Trophies
  • Sanlorenzo 500Exp named Best Explorer Yacht at Asia Boating Awards 
  • Sanlorenzo 64Steel won best interior design and Sanlorenzo SD96 won for the best layout from Trophy World
  • The 64Steel awarded Monaco Yacht Show’s RINA Award
  • Sanlorenzo’s executive chairman Massimo Perotti named Entrepreneur of the Year


  • Yachts France honored the SL102 and 500Exp for the helipad design with World Yachts Trophies
  • The 52Steel won a World Superyacht award from Boat International as well as Asia Pacific Boating’s Asia Boating Award


  • The 460Exp recognized with the Asia Boating Award from Asia Pacific Boating 
  • Yachts France awarded World Yachts trophies to Sanlorenzo’s SX88 and 52Steel
  • Boat International recognized the 460Exp with an interior design World Superyacht Award 


  • Yachts France awarded the SL78 with a World Yachts trophy
  • World Superyacht Award was given to 460Exp from Boat International 
  • Massimo Perotti honored as Personality of the Year from the judges of the World Yacht Trophy


  • Fondazione Italia-Cina bestowed the China Award to Sanlorenzo


  • The SL96 won ShowBoats International’s design award and the Union Internationale Motonautique’s environmental award


  • Vela e Motore awarded the SL96 the honor of Barca dell’Anno
  • ADI recognized the SL106 as Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione


  • The SL106 recognized with ShowBoats Design Award from ShowBoats International 
  • SD126 won a World Superyacht award from Boat International 
  • The Yacht Club de Monaco recognized Massimo Perotti in La Belle Classe for innovation and environment


  • Sanlorenzo’s 40Alloy won a World Superyacht Award from Boat International 


  • The Sanlorenzo 40Alloy received a ShowBoats design award

From Yacht Angles to Artistic Angles With Sanlorenzo


2019 at Art Basel in Miami Beach

The project “360° Horizon” was presented by Sanlorenzo with artist Marco Palmieri.


2019 Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland

Designed by Sanlorenzo’s Art Director Piero Lissoni, the project highlighted the yacht company’s connection with art through an homage to Italian abstract artist Piero Dorazio.


2019 FuoriSalone in Milan

In 2017, 2018, and 2019 Sanlorenzo highlighted the company’s expertise in design and creativity during Milano Design Week in Milan.


2019 Art Basel in Hong Kong

Sanlorenzo participated in the modern and contemporary art fair, Art Basel.


2018 Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida

"Drops," an installation by Sanlorenzo’s Art Director Piero Lissoni honored optical kinetic artist Alberto Biasi.


Some of The Diverse Collections of Sanlorenzo Yachts for Sale


Alloy Yachts - Aluminum with a fast-displacement hull

  • 44Alloy 


Steel Yachts

  • 52Steel 
  • 57Steel
  • 62Steel
  • 64/70Steel


Explorer Yachts - Expedition yachts with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure

  • 500Exp


Superyacht Division


SL Yachts - Planing yachts

  • SL78
  • SL86
  • SL96 Asymmetric
  • SL102 Asymmetric
  • SL106
  • SL118


SD Yachts - Semi-displacement yachts

  • SD96
  • SD112
  • SD126


SX Yachts - The best of flying bridge and explorer yacht design for a crossover yacht launched in 2017

  • SX76
  • SX88
  • SX112


Bluegame Division - Sport utility yachts


BG Yachts

  • BG42 - The sport utility yacht is 12.98 meters (42-feet 5-inches) and a beam of 4.37 meters (14-feet 3-inches). The versatile yacht was conceived and designed by Luca Santella.
  • BG62 - Designed to accommodate a 12-foot tender, this 18.8 meter (61-foot 6-inches) has a 5.38 meter (17-foot 6-inch) beam.
  • BG72 - With an open design, this 22.71 meter (74-foot 6-inches) of length is built to carry up to 16 passengers with a 5.60 meter (18-foot 3-inch) beam.


BGX Yachts

  • BGX60 - Capable of hosting 14 people on board, this 19.02 meter (62-foot 4-inch) yacht has a beam of 5.30 meters (17-foot 3-inch) beam. Includes reverse windshield and full walk-around.
  • BGX70 - Extremely versatile, this 21.86 meter (71-foot 7-inch) yacht accommodates up to 16 passengers with a 5.6 meter (18-foot 3-inch) beam.


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