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Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company in 1964 and it remains family owned and operated out of New Jersey. In the beginning the brothers and their crew constructed their boats on frames during the manufacturing process. Less than a decade later they began working on their first 100% fiberglass model – the historic Viking 33C. This paved the way for Viking’s image as one of the best brands in the yachting industry.

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It seems Viking’s success comes in waves consisting of a decade each because in the 80s they grew into one of the major players of the yacht building industry. The 80s aligned Viking Yachts and Gulfstar Yachts when Viking acquired the Florida based company. Gulfstar Yachts being out of Florida gave Viking Yachts a stronger foothold in the region. Viking made the acquisition due to Gulfstar Yachts’ designation as one of the greatest designers in the industry. Gulfstar also enabled Viking to develop as a yacht builder even further while becoming a more innovative company.

Viking then started to invest in the company’s future during the 90s as they kept growing. Viking Yachts is a debt free company and answers only to its unyielding commitment to build the finest boats money can buy. They answer to their customers, who stay devoted customers of Viking’s semi-custom fiberglass yachts.

Viking has been a global leader in the motoryacht industry but enthusiasts know them as the leader in luxury sportfish vessels. Some of features they’re known for are:

  • Semi-custom fiberglass
  • Tuna towers
  • Advanced Outriggers
  • Expert Flybridges
  • The use of innovative technology
  • Flawless quality
  • Sportfishing vessels ranging from 37 feet to 93 feet

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