Naples to Sicily - Aeolian Islands

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Aeolian Islands
From Naples to Sicily, 7 Days

Day 1: Naples
Naples' historic city center is the largest in Europe and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Naples has long been a major cultural center with a global sphere of influence, particularly during the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. In the immediate vicinity are numerous culturally and historically significant sites, including the Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Day 2: Capri
Italy's most famous island, Capri, is a dramatic rugged mountain soaring out of the sea at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula. A haunt for eccentric characters since antiquity (Roman emperor Tiberius had his villa of pleasures, the Villa Jovis, here); Capri has been a favorite retreat of artists, movie stars and other VIPs in modern times. The island is indeed spectacular, with postcard-worthy soaring cliffs, surrounded by a deep blue sea.

Sweet summer nights are lively in Capri and the nights are long. The island of VIPs will not let you down, so prepare yourself for a trendy scene, with beautiful people dressing up and convening at the famous Piazzetta at nightfall.

Visit the famous Blue Grotto - a beautiful cave at the water's edge with a tiny opening to the sea that opens and closes with the tide, used as a bath since the Roman times. You'll be amazed at the turquoise hues glimmering in the water and against the rocks.

Day 3: Lipari
Lipari is the largest and most populous of the Aeolian Islands of Italy. The island of Lipari is ideal for trekking. Enjoy swordfish, calamari and other typical Eolian plates in the grand restaurants and visit the
Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano, to see the collection of artifacts recovered from archaeological sites in the Aeolian Islands, including many from shipwrecks. Take a day trip to the island of Vulcano and soak up the health benefits from the natural mud baths.

Day 4: Panarea
The little of Panarea is so small, that there are no roads, but only paths. It has two small, rocky but scenic beaches, which offer views across the sea to the volcano-island of Stromboli; you can see ash and steam clouds from the volcano's frequent, small eruptions. Footpaths and hiking trails circle the island. Visit the prehistoric ruins at the southern tip of the island at Punta Milazzes and enjoy the gorgeous views.

Day 5-7: Sicily
Sicily has a long history of foreign domination, from the Greeks to the Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Aragonese - the result is that each of these cultures influenced what is seen, tasted and even languages spoken on the island. Sicily is a huge island where every little city seems to have its own unique culture.
The capital of Sicily, Palermo, has much to offer in the way of nightlife, sightseeing and excellent restaurants. Tour the ancient cathedrals and mosques, stroll the medieval streets and see the unique architectural style, the so-called "Arab-Norman Style of Sicily" - an original mixture of Arabesque decorations, Romanesque architecture and Byzantine mosaics.
Naples to Sicily - Aeolian Islands
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