Rodney Bay to St. Lucia Vieux Fort

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St. Lucia Itinerary
Rodney Bay to Vieux Fort

Nestled on the north side of the stunning island of St. Lucia is Rodney Bay Marina, a premiere yachting destination. Whether you prefer a five star restaurant or perusing the open-air market for unique tropical fruits, St. Lucia is sure to provide a warm, friendly island vibe!

Day 1: The Pitons - Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
St. Lucia’s dramatic twin coastal peaks, the Pitons, soar 2000 feet up from the sea sheltering magnificent rain forests where wild orchids and birds of paradise flourish.  We will spend the night here, then move to Bequia early the next morning to clear customs.

Day 2: Bequia
After breakfast, sail to Bequia, the whaling island of the Caribbean. As long as whaling is done by hand in open sailing skiffs, the islanders are still allowed to hunt whales, although rarely successful. Bequia is known also for boat building in traditional methods, including the open sailing skiff used for whaling and several shops feature craftsmen making traditional ship models that are a treat to see.
Bequia tends to attract the more adventurous guest who prefers the tropical delights and ambiance of smaller, more informal Caribbean islands.  The beaches here are excellent, with great areas for snorkeling and diving. This seafaring island boasts about 6,000 residents and a rich history as a trader’s hideaway. Boatbuilding and seafaring are in Bequia's blood, and you'll enjoy that sense of historical perspective as you visit.

Today, yachtspeople gather here, attracted by the expansive, deep-water port at Admiralty Bay. Uncrowded beaches, golden sand, sailing, snorkeling and sightseeing await you on this lush island. By night, you'll enjoy your choice of international cuisine or local dining choices.
Head around to Friendship Bay/Canouan to swim and anchor overnight.

Day 3: Mustique
Mustique is about 2 hours away, a private island with exclusive villas of the rich and famous including Princess Margaret. Visit Basil’s Bar, where a chance meeting of David Bowie and Mick Jagger has been known to happen. Rent a local “Mustique Mule” and enjoy the several wide long sandy beaches. Mustique used to be a favorite hiding place for pirates with their treasure!  Today is is a private island owned by shareholders dedicated to preserving the natural beauty.  There is a wealth of activities from tennis to equestrian trails.

From rock stars to royalty, the tiny, shiny gem called Mustique has attracted the glitterati for decades. Just three miles wide and one mile long, is about as peaceful as Caribbean islands get.
Operated by a private company, the island is extremely low key, with little to do unless you happen to have your own luxury villa, as some of the world's wealthiest people do. Nonetheless, it's an interesting side trip if you'd like to rub elbows with the rich and famous in protected environs that fairly scream "money."

Day 4: Tobago Keys
In the morning, head to The Tobago Cays. The Tobago Cays are the highlight of the area for many and call for more than a fleeting visit. Five perfect uninhabited islands lie within the protection of an encircling coral reef. Anchor in the stunning turquoise waters for hours of exceptional snorkeling.
This horseshoe reef has a diameter of about two miles and is teeming with corals and tropical fish of every kind.  The afternoon sun shines down on the white sand and clear water turning the entire area a brilliant emerald green.  This is the ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon snorkeling, picnicking and ultimately….relaxing!

Tobago Cays is an amazing collection of five minor islands in the Grenadines chain and one of the best, unspoiled natural marine areas in the world. On your visit, expect an outrageous undersea experience.
You can snorkel or swim in the crystal-clear water, dive the reefs and explore the colorful and abundant coral and fish that teem around you. If you opt to stay dry, bird watch with the help of knowledgeable park rangers, who can help you learn more about the islands' singular role as a haven for native and migratory birds as well as sea life and turtles.

Day 5: Palm Island and Young Island
We will cruise to Palm Island for lunch. Palm Island is an oasis of tropical serenity located on the southern tip of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an idyllic archipelago of 32 tropical island and cays known for its stunning natural beauty.  Bequia will be the next stop so we can clear customs, then move to Young Island in St. Vincent for dinner.

St Vincent- The big island of St. Vincent boasts rugged terrain borne of ancient volcanic activity, and it resulting combination of forested wild lands, beaches and picturesque port city of Kingstown make it popular and photogenic. Fairly dripping with vegetation in some areas, and dominated by a 4,000-foot volcanic peak, St. Vincent is ringed by white- and black-sand beaches, with thundering surf on the rugged Atlantic coast, and placid shores on the Caribbean coast.

Day 6: Vieux Fort
Depart out of St. Lucia- Vieux Fort (southern end of the island close to international airport).
Rodney Bay to St. Lucia Vieux Fort
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