Stockholm to Stockholm, Finland

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From Stockholm to Stockholm
Finland, 5 Days

Day 1: Stockholm
Stylish, cutting-edge and intriguing, Stockholm is situated on 14 islands on the sparkling waters of Lake Mälaren. Stroll the cobbled lanes of the medieval Old Town to the Palace, visit the Vasa Museum to see the 17th-century Vasa warship.  At the Museum of Modern Art on Skeppsholmen island, check out the Picassos and Dalís.

Day 2: Helsinki
Cruise to Helsinki in the morning and take in the stunning backdrop as you get a taste of the 24,000 islands of this breathtaking backdrop. Once in port, set out on a walk to Esplanadi Street in the city center to discover designer boutiques both elegant and expensive or dine alfresco at the charming harbor - Baltic herring seasoned with juicy cloudberries is a local delicacy. (215 miles)

Day 3: Suomenlinna
Cruise leisurely to Suomenlinna, once an island fortress, now a collection of museums and galleries and a UNESCO Heritage Treasure site.

Day 4: Tallinn (Estonia)
Tallinn, just a quick jaunt across the Gulf of Finland, was founded in the 12th century and is one of the best preserved medieval towns in northern Europe. Cruise up to its ancient city walls, grand architecture, church spires and tile-roofed buildings to dock at the harbor and see why it has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. On foot, enter a world of cobblestones, narrow alleys, and medieval buildings or visit the Lahemaa National Park to walk the verdant trails along the coast and forest. (43 miles)

Day 5: Stockholm
Cruise back to Stockholm to disembark, but before you do, you have the option to anchor at the islands of Sandhamn (which takes about  an hour to explore on foot) or Finnhamn, “The Island of the Four Seasons” for a final farewell and bite to eat. (220 miles)
Stockholm to Stockholm, Finland
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