Wippari Cay to Plasencia, Belize

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Wippari Cay to Plasencia
Belize, 7 Day Itinerary

Belize is a country alive with hundreds of bird species, colorful fish, exotic tropical plants and animals combined with friendly Belizeans throughout colorful towns and villages making her an adventure paradise. Divers and snorkelers will revel in the underwater ecosystem of sharks and rays at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve or Glover’s Reef with its diminutive collection of islands surrounding a lagoon rich with marine life. 

Over 40% of Belize is protected. The result is breathtaking beauty of rich emerald forests and sprawling bone white sand beaches surrounded by sapphire waters. She bursts with striking marine life amid wonderful reefs.  Majestic ruins hauntingly appear in the dense jungles. 

Belize is the epicenter of Mayan culture. Go back over 2,000 years in history and learn about the Maya and how they used these amazing caverns. See burial chambers with calcified remains, ceremonial vessels and other cultural artifacts left centuries ago.

Day 1: Wippari Cay
Board your yacht and cruise through gorgeous Placencia Lagoon, to Wippari Cay. Enjoy first-class fishing, snorkeling and a stunning landscape. Laru Beya Marina to Wippari Cay (14 nm)

Day 2: South Water Cay
Head to South Water Cay - part of the Belizean Marine Preserve - for some of the most incredible snorkeling and scuba diving in Belize. Wippari Cay to South Water Cay (22 nm)

Day 3: Cocoa Plum Cay
We will cruise leisurely to beautiful Tobacco Cay, where we will drop anchor for a swim in the azure water.  Next, set off for the moorings at Cocoa Plum Cay's Thatch Cay Resort, and keep an eye out for the wildlife, including coatamundi, spider monkeys and brocket deer. South Water Cay to Cocoa Plum Cay (11 nm)

Day 4: Lagoon Cay
Head down the Inner Channel, with great views of the stunning coast and brilliant turquoise waters to your next anchorage. Bird-lovers will enjoy spotting the ospreys, frigate birds, pelicans, and cormorants.
This is a perfect spot for snorkeling and kayaking. Cocoa Plum Cay to Lagoon Cay (16 nm)

Day 5: Queen Cay
Enjoy unbelievable diving and snorkeling along the barrier reef here and enjoy a beachside lunch among the tall palm trees. Lagoon Cay to Queen Cay/Silk Cay (17 nm)

Day 6: Ranguana Cay
Head to Ranguana Cay, and check out the small resort there or detour to Laughing Bird Cay National Park for bird watching and snorkeling. Queen Cay to Ranguana Cay (8 nm)

Day 7: No Name Point / Placencia
Welcome to the charming and photogenic village of Placencia. Friendly and quaint, you will enjoy Placencia’s palm trees, culturally diverse restaurants and tropical paradise setting. Ranguana Cay to Placencia Harbor (18 nm)

Day 8: Laru Beya Marina
Head back to Laru Beya Marina to disembark.  Placencia Harbour to Laru Beya Marina - 10 nm.
Wippari Cay to Plasencia, Belize
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