A deep love of the sea is the natural element which has always characterized my life, and from which the Ferretti Group has developed.

This continuous passion has accompanied Ferretti Yachts for over 40 years now, in facing new challenges, achieving further success, in continuous renewal and expansion, and in guaranteeing excellence during each and every stage of production – from design to research and development and services – in order to continue making our Owners’ dreams come true.

I have always felt that experiencing the sea on board a yacht is the very greatest example of freedom. Devotion and experience are essential ingredients Ferretti Yachts uses to give shape to this extraordinary experience through its yachts, combining the pleasure of these moments of escape with complete reliability. 

I am proud this passion is even stronger in the people who work at the Ferretti Group today than ever before. Our team has a daily commitment to building extraordinary products which will continue to give lovers of the sea all over the world unforgettable moments.


Norberto Ferretti
Ferretti S.p.A. Chairman

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Norberto Ferretti


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