Pershing Yachts, “The Dominant Species” in yachting for more than three decades, continues to perfect luxury yacht design and production.


The unmistakable Italian style of Pershing shines throughout the diverse line of luxury flybridge motor yachts.

Born from the deep knowledge and maritime passion of three friends: Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori, their skills, in combination with the creativity of naval design architect, Fulvio De Simoni adds up to a remarkable craft.


Pershing yachts set a course for speed. Powerful engines reach 7400 HP and surface-drive technology, hydro jets, and gas turbines enable peak speeds of up to 52 knots without noise or vibration. Pershing yachts exhibit superior performance that is equaled by their style.


Intentionally different, with a focus on the essentials, Pershing yachts strip away the superfluous to make a statement.

Pershing yachts are built with the most advanced construction methods using only the highest quality materials available. As powerboats, they outperform; as motoryachts, they are equally comfortable and spacious.


Each model of Pershing’s stylish and unique yachts offers large interior spaces with natural light for livability and maximum comfort. Polished in every detail, interior designs are both beautiful and functional.

The Pershing line is built for a demanding, sports-oriented customer seeking high performance and comfort with functional interiors and exteriors.


It was 1981 and three friends, Giuliano Onori, Attilio “Tilli” Antonelli, and Fausto Filippetti set to work building their company, the Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico. Antonelli was an Italian entrepreneur and yacht manufacturer, and Filippetti was a master shipwright, having been in the industry since 1967 when he was an apprentice at the shipyard of Fano.

The Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico, located in the nautical business center in the region of Marche, Italy, was founded for nautical design and manufacturing. And in that same year, their first boat was launched.

Four years later, in collaboration with Fulvio De Simoni, the Pershing name emerged (inspired by the Pershing missile), the company was solidified, and the first Pershing 45’ open yacht was designed.

De Simoni began his career as a naval design architect in Milan in the early 1970s. He eventually established Italprojects in 1983, a company to develop high technology projects in the naval sector.

The Pershing team’s innovations soon set the stage for new international yacht standards in navigation, performance, and style - all with an Italian flair for beauty and luxury with creativity and elegant sophistication.

Image 0419:
The Pershing 45



Dedicated employees are at the heart of Pershing manufacturing - both at the Italian boatyards in Mondolfo where fiberglass Pershing yachts are built, and at the shipyard in Ancona, where the steel and aluminum vessels come together.

The 55,000 square meter Mondolfo yard in the Pesaro-Urbino region is described as a futuristic site, with more than 38,400 square meters in open-air, designed by the architect Sandro Sartini.

Located in front of the original Pershing yard, the waterfront space faces the Adriatic Sea with a private harbor for the Ferretti Group’s Super Yacht Yard.

Three glass and steel buildings house yacht construction and painting, and staff administration offices. Included here is the artistic heart and brain of the Atelier workshop for development and innovation.

The production site houses a 440 square meter painting booth for all sizes of yachts. Testing is run in a 33 meter long, 7.5 meter wide, and 2.3 meter deep basin - in place to ensure each Pershing meets the highest standards, with waterproof tests and hydraulic tests for engines, exhausts, bilges, and generators. To access the basin, a 130-ton travel lift provides convenient hauling and launching.

All of these facilities ensure each yacht off the line meets Pershing’s benchmarks for performance, style, the best materials, and supreme comfort.

Image 0420:
Pershing Shipyard