Are you a fan of high-performance luxury yachts and the exhilarating experience of cruising out on the open sea? Then keep reading, because we have some picks for you.

We rounded up three luxury yachts that are sure to satisfy your need for speed. These high-performance yachts are built with the latest technology, advanced materials, and cutting-edge design to offer unparalleled speed, comfort, and style. They all feature powerful engines that allow them to traverse long distances in a short amount of time. 

Here are three top-performance luxury yachts that dreams are made of:



If you're looking for the ultimate combination of luxury, control, and innovation, the 92-foot Pershing 9X (top image) is the yacht for you. The 9X offers performance at the very top of its class, but more importantly, it delivers a quiet, stable ride at high speeds and a lack of roll at anchor. It also features fully integrated propulsion, navigation, and monitoring systems that merge control and performance, with joystick steering and surface propellers that offer precision maneuverability in tight spaces. The 9X’s sporty lines, large side wings, and aerodynamics come to life in innovative composite materials, such as carbon fiber, vinyl ester resin, and epoxy resin. And with twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines pumping out 5,276 HP, the Pershing 9X will hit a top speed of 42 knots.



Image 2263:

This 76-foot Riva Bahamas is designed for a top speed of 37 knots thanks to twin MAN V12 engines creating 3,600 HP.  “Baby Pearl” is just two years old and still a total head-turner, with its classic Italian design and luxurious finishes. The Riva Bahamas features a patented “C-Top” that lets you transform the yacht from coupé to open mode, and vice versa. And inside, the layout is wide open and welcoming. This particular yacht features several subtle customizations. Inside, they opened things up by removing walls and glass in the galley and master stateroom. Outside, they replaced the teak trim with carbon fiber accents. The contrasting Shark Grey and London Grey metallic paints create an aggressive, sexy look. With graceful lines, cutting-edge materials, and extensive technical features, Baby Pearl looks – and performs – like a dream.


WALLY 48 “VICE” (2021)

Image 2264:


The Wally 48 is a thrilling, high-performance yacht with a top speed of 54 knots. Featuring four Mercury Verado V10 engines generating 1,600 HP, this yacht is perfect for those who want high speeds paired with low draft and maneuverability. A deep-V hull provides optimum stability and comfort offshore and makes it a pleasure to blast from Miami to the Bahamas, or Monaco to Porto Cervo. What’s more, the outboards tilt up to reduce draft in shallow waters to a scant 2’ 4”. In typical Wally style, the aft wings open to dramatically extend the deck, while the cockpit offers flexible seating, dining, and lounging. If you’re searching for speed, excitement, and luxury on the water, Vice is calling. 


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