FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence, Ferretti Group’s division dedicated to Defence and Security, participates in the fiftieth edition of the Euronaval 2018 in Paris (23th/26th October), one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to the sector of Defense and Safety at sea.

FSD consolidates its presence in the international market by presenting the FSD195, of which 2 units have already been produced, the FSD150 CB (Combat Boat) and the FSD 350 patrol boat.

FSD195, “Fast Patrol Vessel” of Ferretti Security & Defence, is a high-performance boat.
20 meters long and weighing about 36 tons, it is able to easily exceed 50 knots speed, and an autonomy range of over 500 miles. It is equipped with two 1900 hp engines and can be fitted with a 12.7 mm LRCWS machine gun as well as other weapon systems.
FSD195 has been tested with great success in Italian waters as a “chase boat” (bullet proofed tender), for agile and reliable civil security usages.
The second sample of the FSD 195, fully built in glass-carbon hybrid and delivered in Sweden on July 2nd, is enjoying considerable success and giving prestige to the entire division FSD-Ferretti Security & Defense. The patrol boat stands out for its exceptional maneuverability, stability and quietness at speeds close to 100 km/h. These performances, combined with on-board comfort typical of Ferretti boats, make this product the perfect combination of technology, innovation and the best quality in shipbuilding industry.

FSD150 CB, is a 16.2 meters long boat and just over 22 tons, propelled by 2 engines of 800 hp each, able to
easily overcome the 45 knots embarking 3 crew members and up to 22 operators.

The FSD350 patrol boat, 35 meters long and weighing 125 tons, is among the most impressive FSD platforms. Equipped with two 3700 hp engines that operate the Rolls-Royce KaMeWa water jet, it is designed to exceed
45 knots and achieve the exceptional top speed of 55 knots in the CODAG (Combined Diesel And Gas).

The FSD range consists of high-performance boats in terms of speed and strength, equipped with technologically advanced SDC (Combat Systems) solutions.
The naval platforms that will be presented at the Euronaval exhibition are all made of hybrid composite (glass-carbon) hulls. Moreover, thanks to the know-how and production capabilities of Ferretti Group, they are configurable to meet the needs of the various geographical areas and of any operating scenarios.

Participating at Euronaval 2018 Ferretti Security & Defense further strengthens its position on the stage of major international events, taking advantage of unique networking opportunities and promoting the Group's know-how in the design and construction of naval vessels for patrolling of international and territorial waters, increasingly requested by the new frontier control needs.

FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence is represented at DSA 2018 by Director, Giuliano Felten and Head of Operations,
Andrea Ameli.

“We return to the Euronaval exhibition to present to a highly specialized audience our boats, increasingly efficient in terms of performance and safety for patrolling and controlling of waters, the result of Ferretti Group's know-how in yacht design and construction” - commented Giuliano Felten, Director of FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence. “The trait d’union with this important event is even stronger this year, thanks to a solemn anniversary: in fact, as Euronaval inaugurates its 50th edition, Ferretti Group celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ferretti Yachts, its historic brand. The event, celebrated in Venice last June, coincided with the anniversary of the "Battle of the Solstice". From the splendid setting of Palazzo Ducale della Serenissima, Ferretti Group's guests enjoyed the acrobatics of the Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, Frecce Tricolori, on the same day of June 1918, when exactly 100 years ago the Italian Army heroically resisted the last Austro-Hungarian offensive and during which the life of Francesco Baracca, “Asso degli Assi” of the Italian Aviation, lost his life. I consider this affinity and closeness a wholly Italian pride”.