In June 2018, the Ferretti yard held a 50th-anniversary celebration in Venice, Italy with over 600 boat owners. The entire fleet paraded by St. Mark’s Square while the Frecce Tricolori performed a fly-over to celebrate an exclusive weekend at the former shipyards and armories of the Venetian Arsenale. The celebration lasted three days, and was dedicated to the art and entertainment of Italian culture.

The Ferretti Yachts golden anniversary had the perfect background: the charm and beauty of Venice. Celebrating their passion for perfection, the Ferretti Yachts fleet was on display with 11 yachts, ranging in length  from 45 to 96 feet.

Ferretti Yachts owners from all over the world were involved, together with the city. The celebration provided unparalleled experiences for those in attendance, as well as exceptional sights all around.