Ferretti Yachts’ engineering department continues to meet its mission to face toward the future, to be the first in the yacht market to initiate and implement advanced technologies. This keeps Ferretti Yachts firmly placed as an industry leader for expectations and rules in the sector. Created with the most advanced computer science tools for every design phase - Ferretti innovates hull design, interior spaces, submerged profile, hydrodynamics, and fluid dynamics.

At Ferretti, designing yachts means reaching beyond the formula of a perfect balance – always. It means working towards an exemplar of harmony which, from the pure lines of the design through to the prestigious finishes, creates a boat with unique nautical characteristics to enjoy to the full. The final result is a timeless creation which, on the one hand, reflects the choice of those who are able to experience the sea with style; on the other, the fruitful, harmonious working relationship between the AYT– Advanced Yacht Technology division – an expert team of architects and designers on a continuous quest to develop aesthetic, functional and innovative solutions - and studio Zuccon International Project.

Together, this team of experts has developed solutions for bringing more natural light to the interiors of the boats by fitting large open view windows overlooking the sea, spherical windows, and a new generation of portholes - a synthesis of perfect synchrony between shape and function.


Early on in the company’s history, several features set apart the Ferretti brand:

  • A Window On The Sea
    Breathtaking is the big ‘window on the sea’ design on many Ferretti boats. Constructed and designed using highly resistant crystals found in safety glass manufacturing, these eye-catching and functional windows guarantee a structural resistance that is even higher than the hull’s fiberglass. The crystals are stratified with a polycarbonate layer between two sheets of toughened glass for a total thickness of over 22 mm and glued to the hull with a special nautical polyurethane adhesive for elasticity and maximum cohesion.

    This innovation has been tested under the supervision of RINA Classification Society to resist stresses more than four times higher than those required by the regulation (reference rules ISO 12216).

Image 0372:
Ferretti Yachts interior showing expansive windows on the sea

Acoustic Comfort
Acoustic comfort ranks high as a priority for the entire Ferretti Yachts fleet. Soundproofing lowers noise levels in adjoining spaces off the engine room. Technologies include an efficient, sound-absorbent material that exceeds the standard sandwich format of the floors and hatches. Also, marine plywood with soundproofing inserts (up to 44 mm thick) that are covered in a self-extinguishing, soundproofing material are glued and screwed to enhance holds at high temperatures.

  • Soundproofing is boosted with an impermeable layer behind surfaces in the engine room to prevent the absorption of water, oil, and diesel fuel as regulated by ISO 9094.

Image 0373:
Ferretti Yachts engine room with extra attention to soundproofing


Tilting Window

  • Ferretti Yachts’ tilting windows are a prominent feature that distinguish the yacht line. Opening the interior to the sea and sky integrate outdoor light and sea breeze into interior living spaces. An additional sliding door next to the tilting window further removes barriers between the inside salon and outside cockpit.
Image 0374:
Ferretti Yachts tilting window and sliding door seamlessly join the salon to the cockpit


Tilting Control Station On The Flying Bridge

  • Vital to Ferretti yachts are the modern navigation systems. To protect the central systems is Ferretti’s tilting control station on the flybridge. With just a switch, delicate navigation electronic equipment and all the instruments at the boat's flying bridge control station are closed off and integral instruments are protected from the sun, wind, and challenging weather.
Image 0375:
Ferretti Yachts navigation systems on the flybridge tilt away for protection when not in use


Beds designed for healthy sleep

  • The Ferretti Yachts team innovated a healthy solution to a longstanding concern in master and guest cabins on boats - ventilation around the mattresses. By replacing plywood with elegant wooden slats, air circulates from hidden vents under the bed for a natural ventilation system.

  • Aft Cleat And Winch Cover
    Tidy and safe, Ferretti Yachts are equipped with a molded smart covering panel designed to hide the ropes and lines after they are easily stowed in their housings. The cockpit and deck areas stay clear for passage and beauty.

  • Internal Doors
    With a nod to classic maritime design, Ferretti Yachts maintain a spirit on internal doors with four rounded corners. With added isolator locks and weather strips, these solid wooden doors are strengthened with screws that are expertly hidden. This boat door shape adds to the sturdiness of the bulkheads.

  • Underwater Exhaust System
    As one of the first European companies to implement an underwater exhaust system, Ferretti Yachts again lead the industry as innovators in the field of maritime noise reduction.


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