In addition to the new "X Generation" series, Pershing Yachts has produced a vast range of yachts, all of which provide the famous Pershing Thrill. Here are some of those models from the past, present, and future.




Image 0439:
Pershing 62

If you are unfamiliar with boating but love speed on the road, then think of this as an extreme supercar. Experience the thrill of speeding over the sea at 48 knots on a 33.35 ton yacht with a ride aboard the Pershing 62 (no longer built).

The Pershing 62 meets the expectations of the Pershing thrill, with two MAN V12 1550 engines capable of reaching speeds of up to 48 knots. At an overall length of 62 feet 2 inches (18.94 

meters), this 33.35-ton yacht comfortably and luxuriously accommodates 14 people, and has three cabins and three heads onboard.


Image 0441:
Pershing 108

With high-performance and elegance, the Pershing 108 (no longer built) blends comfort, speed, and fuel efficiency. Three surface propellers give this yacht its range and low noise level, but with speed of over 42 knots, the Pershing 108 imparts the classic Pershing thrill.

With three MTU 16V engines, the Pershing 108 innovates as the first Pershing to allow flexibility with three surface propellers for extensive range and low noise. The helmsman can adjust cruising speeds and distance with the use of either one, two, or three MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines. Comfortable cruising at 37 knots optimizes fuel consumption for a range of 330 nautical miles, while the Pershing thrill comes at high speeds topping 42 knots.

The Pershing 108 carries 20 passengers, and features four cabins with four heads, three crew cabins, and five heads. Her overall length is 109 feet (33.23 meters) with a 22-foot beam and a 6-foot draft.


Image 0442:
Pershing 115

Characterized by refinement and performance, the Pershing 115 (no longer built) blends traditional yacht elements with innovations for a high-performance motor yacht that features technological innovations for onboard entertainment and a domotics system for audio, video, lighting, utilities, and the systems.

The Pershing 115 carries a total of 10 passengers, with four cabins and three crew cabins.




Image 0440:
Pershing 74

The Pershing 74 is slender and sleek with a longer superstructure. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, the yacht is a contemporary restyling of the Pershing 72 but with larger, opening, glass windows.

Spacious, at 74 feet 4 inches length overall (22.66 meters), the yacht features a salon connected with the cockpit and sidewalks. The lower deck houses the galley and three en-suite cabins. The cockpit leads to the crew area through a dedicated access, and also to the hidden sun deck through a fully retractable carbon staircase. A tender and a jetski can be stowed in the garage with a hydraulic lift system.

Powered by two MTU 12v 2000 M96L engines, the Pershing 74 can reach speeds up to 44 knots.


Image 0443:
Pershing 140

The Pershing 140 boasts being first on several angles: the innovative design is the first superyacht for the Italian shipyard and is the first all-aluminum yacht built by the company.

Also, the luxurious and powerful yacht design features pioneering layout ideas including:

  • A beach club area that completely opens on three sides
  • An expansive yacht owner's space located on the main deck
  • The helm station is raised, directly connected to the sun deck 

The biggest thrill and the ultimate expression of the Pershing thrill, the Pershing 140 is 142 feet (43.30 meters) in length overall with a beam of 28 feet (8.55 meters), and a draft of 6 feet 8 inches (2.05 meters). Her MTU 16V2000 M96L engines are capable of a maximum speed of 38 knots, a cruising speed of 35 knots, and a range of 1400 nautical miles.

The Pershing 140 carries 18 passengers and features five cabins, seven heads, as well as four crew cabins with four crew heads.




The creation of the Pershing 170 Project is underway with the creative guidance of naval architect Fulvio De Simoni. Designed as a high-performance superyacht, this impressive top-of-the-line yacht will expand upon the cutting-edge design and construction of the Pershing 140.

Ferretti's shipyard in Ancona will manufacture the 170-foot steel and aluminum flagship yacht.

With the collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Strategic Product Committee, and Ferretti Group Engineering Department, the Pershing 170 will have a length overall of 170 feet (51.82 meters).


Project TØ is a new aesthetic and emotional experience. A leap forward in the world of avant-garde yachting. The latest chapter in Pershing long's history of revolutions, Project TØ is both a result of innovative thinking and a big engineering challenge: the encounter of two opposite yachting worlds. A new segment where the full pleasure of the sea meets the unmistakable Pershing DNA.