There are four Custom Line Navetta models, ranging in size from 30 to 42 meters.

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Custom Line Navetta 42 Yacht


The Navetta 42 is agile, dynamic, and lively. Custom Line’s culmination of excellence in design, she is a sophisticated balance between engineering and design.

As Custom Line’s largest semi-displacement hull, the Navetta 42 is top of the line in smooth and sophisticated performance on the water with no sacrifice in elegance. Along with luxurious comfort, the Navetta 42 is Custom Line’s first yacht with a transatlantic range of more than 3,000 nautical miles.

Flowing lines, clean shapes, and a functional aesthetic are the keys to the design of Custom Line’s new swift, yet reliable, flagship, the Navetta 42. 

The high-tech Custom Line flagship is a cutting-edge masterpiece collaboration of the best of Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department.

The efficient and practical design of the Navetta 42 optimizes the four decks, both on the interior and the exterior, to the fullest extent. The large owner suite is situated on the main deck with a stunning view. And thanks to the versatile layout of the lower deck, the yacht owner can optimize the space, with choices including either four VIP suites or five standard en-suite cabins for guests.

The aft area is designed for guests to enjoy the large beach club at sea level from the side garage. The ample layout of the garage opens out onto the sea for the launching and hauling out of the yacht’s tender and water toys.

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Custom Line Navetta 37 Yacht


Custom Line’s Navetta 37 is a luxurious semi-displacement yacht, a revolutionary boat that is top of the line in design and space utilization. Comfortable and seaworthy, the semi-planing hull features a bulbous bow for super-efficient travel, no matter what the weather report.

Spacious, at more than 121 feet overall (37 meters), every square foot is optimized with well-balanced spaces throughout the more than 26 foot (8 meters) beam width. 

Streamlined and light, the Navetta 37 design is stable and strong with a 7-foot 6-inch draft. Adding to the stability equation for added comfort and safety to reduce rolling, are standard electro-hydraulic stabilizing fins for use at anchor, while underway, and for zero-speed modes. Options include gyroscopic stabilizers for even further stability.

The imposing profile begins at the bow where the height of the front of the hull rises to the height of the first superstructure. This gives the bow a commanding feel of power, safety, and assuredness.

The upper deck contains a wealth of advanced technology at the ready. The large control room is the heart of the main onboard systems. Complete confidence that nothing is overlooked comes from the helm’s five monitors, two of which are multi-touch screens, all under a built-in bridge cover. Equipped with the single-unit Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System, the Navetta 37 has automation throughout the yacht for smartphone or tablet navigation.

At the top of its class, Ferretti Group engineers have designed the Navetta 37 to rank high in acoustic comfort for everyone on board. Starting with the source and location of each noise onboard, engineers have optimized innovative solutions to minimize the impact of sound through targeted mathematical analysis. Solutions include a special flexible joint in the transmission lines that absorbs vibrations from the axis line. 

Added features on Custom Line’s Navetta 37 include underwater lights on the stern and bulwark, as well as a navigation and maneuvering light on the bulbous bow.

An outstanding machine with clean lines and meticulous attention to every detail, the Navetta 37 is born from the work between Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee, Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Engineering Department, and the Zuccon International Project Studio.

All guests are comfortably accommodated in timeless style with the stylistic features of the five staterooms and 10 heads.

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Custom Line Navetta 33 Yacht


The Custom Line Navetta 33 is a luxurious semi-displacement yacht. Eye-catching in its refinement, the design inspires the senses with a blend of elegant styles and forms. Custom Line’s Navetta 33 delivers performance at the top of its class in terms of seaworthiness and stability with a subtle charm.

A top feature of the Navetta line is cruising ability and the Navetta 33 does not disappoint. The 108-footer boasts an extensive range, capable of up to 2,000 nautical miles at an economical cruising speed.

Safety and ease are ensured with state-of-the-art technical innovations on board. Leading advancements include a patented dual-mode transmission system for optimization of the yacht’s stern.

Innovation continues with the practical management of the Navetta 33’s infotainment systems onboard. Control is achieved through the Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System (VOTIS) software that allows for complete control from mobile devices. Paired with an integrated helm station, the software offers flexible, onboard monitoring of the systems and equipment on board. And while underway, the system ensures first-rate safe navigation.

Elegant and spacious at just over 108 feet in length overall, the Custom Line Navetta 33 efficiently uses all of the nearly 25-foot beam on each of the four decks. Yacht owners and their guests travel in comfort in group spaces and private suites with a total of nine heads onboard. While owners enjoy the expansive master suite located forward on the main deck, the guests relax in the four guest cabins on the lower deck.

The Navetta 33 is stable with a draft of just over 7 feet. Adding to the smooth ride is the hull’s bulbous bow design which works to reduce the bow wave and drag while underway. A smooth trip is also a guarantee in terms of stabilization when at anchor and when mooring, thanks to electro-hydraulic stabilizing fins with zero-speed mode. And final elements of the stablilty equation are two MAN engines and two Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers.

The Navetta 33 is the product of the joint efforts of Piero Ferrari as head of the Product Strategy Committee, and a team of architects and designers in collaboration with Ferretti Group’s engineering department. Also on board for the exterior design is Zuccon International Project.

With all of this the Navetta 33 makes the step up from simple luxury to genuine refinement.

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Custom Line Navetta 30 Yacht


The Navetta 30 yacht is Custom Line’s blend of the line’s well-recognized luxury performance with a unique connection to nature.  

The Navetta 30 masters “The Art Of Movement.” The line blends a traditional maritime design with living materials that include leather, wood, and rope. Adding to that equation is the core of exquisite craftsmanship and the magnificent use of light throughout. And at the root of the detailed yacht’s design is the perfect shape - the circle. All of these traits combined result in the Navetta 30 representation as an icon of the sea, one that harkens to the day of classic yacht design.

Custom Line’s Navetta 30 meets and exceeds the yacht line’s expectations for comfort, safety, and seaworthiness. And to further optimize each vessel, owners have options for unique design personalizations.

A masterpiece of more than 93 feet (28.43 meters) in length overall with a 24 foot (7.3 meters) beam, this roomy ride retains full luxury for supreme comfort. The Navetta 30 has three inviting decks comprised of more than 320 square meters of space for all onboard. Due to a well-thought-out design, the yacht accommodates 10 guests in five cabins; these are a master stateroom on the main deck and four guest cabins on the lower deck. Six bathrooms are onboard, as well.

The focus on the yacht’s deep connection with nature continues with the interior colors and lighting built upon the metaphor of the life of a mariner. Using blues of the sky and sea, the interior and exterior blend elements of the fabric, texture, and material throughout the walls and furnishings onboard.

The Navetta 30’s space feels expansive as light filters in from the hull’s large windows and a sliding glass door and is balanced with light fixtures inside and out. The brightness continues with more than two meters of headspace for an open atmosphere on the decks.

Custom Line yachts value functionality through craftsmanship. To that goal, the Navetta 30’s custom-made freestanding furniture, furnishings, and all-teak staircase are comprised of nature’s finest, including brushed teak, leather, and natural colors. She is built using the latest technology for a perfect classic touch with a contemporary twist. Designed exclusively for the Custom Line by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel is a large convertible sofa and other pieces.

The Navetta 30 is full of space. Interior headroom of over two meters, and two big side windows set entirely in the hull, give the perception of fluidity and expanded volumes, creating a sense of direct and seamless contact with the water.

In the stern is an advanced version of Ferretti Group’s patented DMT (Dual Mode Transom) system. This allows for easy use with double door movement, as well as a ramp, and the ability to keep the area dry. The yacht’s garage can house a tender and toys, for example, a Williams SportJet 435 tender and a jet ski.

Extensive soundproofing treatments with acoustic insulation and damping coupling on the propulsion line ensure a comfortable ride.

Built for extensive cruising with low fuel consumption, the Navetta 30 offers a range of about 2,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Powered by two MAN i-6 engines, the line offers an optional plug-in hybrid propulsion system to cut down on CO2 and NOX emissions. With advances in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technology, the Ferretti Group Engineering department created a hull geometry design with tapered stern sections to achieve such an economy.

The Navetta 30 is derived from the combined work of the Product Strategy Department and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Exteriors designs are by Filippo Salvetti and interiors by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Custom Line’s Navetta 30 launched in October 2020.