Weezie Towels is a luxury bath brand based in Atlanta, Georgia with a creative team office in Savannah.
Recently introduced to Allied Marine, Weezie was thrilled to participate as a sponsor of the Summer Rendezvous in beautiful Montauk, New York this summer. Luxury yachts call for luxury towels, making Weezie the perfect provision. We sat down with founders Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson to learn more about Weezie Towels and their participation in this summer's event.

How did you come to start a luxury bath brand?
The idea for what ultimately became Weezie came several years ago: Liz had recently gotten married, bought a new home in Savannah (upgrading from a tiny NYC apartment!), and was on the hunt for fresh towels. Unfortunately, the process proved to be frustrating and overwhelming: the jargon was confusing, quality was unpredictable, and embroidery options were archaic. What should have been a joyful experience really fell flat. Liz approached Lindsey about the idea while she was in business school. The more people we talked to, it quickly became clear there was a gap in the market for a go-to, luxury bath towel brand. A year and a half of customer research and product development later, we launched Weezie in October 2018.

What makes your towels the best on the market?
Prior to launching the business, we surveyed thousands of consumers on preferences and found that it boiled down to three key attributes: softness, absorbency, and aesthetics. Too often, one of these qualities comes at the expense of the others: soft towels are not absorbent, and vice versa. In developing the Weezie towel, we leveraged a patented spinning technology that spins air into each and every fiber for the optimal balance of softness and absorbency. We were equally thoughtful about aesthetics and design: rounding the corners, adding a drying hook, and offering endless customization options.

Tell us a bit about your experience at the Allied Marine Rendezvous event.
We so enjoyed connecting with the Allied Marine community at our Navy Beach, New York event and beyond. We greeted owners with custom Weezie coconut waters, enjoyed some sun on Weezie Beach Towel-adorned chaise lounges, and showcased some of our favorite products, including our Apres Swim line and newly debuted Yacht Bundle.

What are some of your favorite products for our readers, and where can we find you?
If we're boat-bound for the weekend, one of our favorite hostess gifts is a customized Beach Bundle with the name of the yacht embroidered. High-quality, personalized gifts: what's not to love?! You can shop us online at www.weezietowels.com and in-store at our flagship in Atlanta, Georgia.