Whenever Pablo Picasso was asked how long it took him to complete a given painting, he always answered by also adding his age, implying that a full lifetime of experiences went into the creation of each of his masterpieces. The same could be said for the new M/Y 138 62-meter yacht, in which CRN has injected the vast know-how and nautical mastery developed over years of hard work and creativity.

For every masterpiece, the creative process is a gradual one, and the construction of this extraordinary yacht is no exception. Recently, the crucial step of moving the hull was successfully completed, much to the satisfaction of the construction crew.

CRN M/Y 138 62 meters is the fruit of a partnership with Dutch design firm Omega Architects, responsible for the exterior, and Italian architecture and design studio Pulina Exclusive Interiors, tasked with styling the interiors. CRN is currently working on the construction of the new hull, which stands out for it sporty and sleek lines, in keeping with the design concepts developed by Frank Laupman’s firm. Furthermore, the yacht admirably blends impressive volumes with an attractive streamlined profile and a myriad of precious and practical details.

Image 0481:
CRN M/Y 138 under construction

Work at the shipyard is proceeding according to schedule. Following the moving phase—with the metal parts, hull and superstructure now complete—work continues on the interiors, starting from the plumbing, electrical and insulation systems, which will then give way to the installation of furnishings.

The layout consists of four decks plus a subdeck, and will include a double owner’s suite and six cabins on the lower deck, including one VIP cabin, for a total occupancy of sixteen. The generous dining and lounge areas, both indoor and outdoor, ensure countless moments of onboard leisure, while the large windows offer a direct connection with the sea and the surrounding environment, further enhancing the exploratory nature of this new 62-meter gem.

Besides CRN M/Y 138 62 meters, the shipyard is currently at work on three other fully-custom yachts: CRN M/Y 137 62 meters, CRN M/Y 139 70 meters, and CRN M/Y 141 60 meters, together with a Riva 50 Metri unit, a Pershing 140 unit, and 18 Custom Line models between 30 and 42 meters.