The Riva line continues to expand, with yachts in all sizes and all with that recognizable Riva elegance.

Here are today's modern Riva yachts, from largest to smallest:


Riva 50Metri - Flagship

Image 0406:
Riva 50Metri

The steel and aluminum Riva 50Metri was Carlo Riva’s dream born as a company flagship vessel. Spacious and elegant, this yacht has a 50m length overall, a 9m beam, and a 2.6m draft.


Riva 110′ Dolcevita - Flybridge

Image 0405:
Riva 110′ Dolcevita

110' Dolcevita is Riva’s newest member of the fiberglass flybridge series with five cabins and three crew cabins. Born of a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design and the Ferretti Group engineering department this beauty has a 33.53m length overall, a 28.28m beam, and a 7.27m draft.


Riva 100′ Corsaro - Flybridge

Image 0404:
Riva 100′ Corsaro

The Riva Corsaro, the corsair, is designed for up to 20 passengers with five cabins, three crew cabins, six bathrooms, and two crew bathrooms. This sporty model is spacious, with a 29.9m length overall, a 22.3m beam, and a draft of 6.7m. The Corsaro runs with a maximum speed of 26 knots, cruising speed of 23 knots for a range of 310 nautical miles.


Riva 90′ Argo - Flybridge

Image 0403:
Riva 90′ Argo

The futuristic flybridge, Riva’s 90' Argo, is resplendent and filled with the latest in navigational and lifestyle technology. A Riva in elegance and comfort, this fiberglass yacht is spacious at 28.49m in length, a 23.1m beam, and a 6.5m draft with four cabins, two crew cabins, five bathrooms, and two crew bathrooms.


Riva 88′ Folgore - Sportfly

Image 0402:
Riva 88′ Folgore

Riva 88 Folgore premiered in summer of 2020. In Italian, Folgore is “flash of lightning,” and that is how navigation feels using either joystick or wheel steering. The helm is responsive with two MTU M96s of the 2000 series on this 27-meter boat. A true Riva, this beauty is built with the finest of carbon, steel, mahogany, and other quality parts. 


Riva 88′ Florida - Open

Image 0401:
Riva 88′ Florida

The Riva 88′ Florida coupé and open-cruiser have an exclusive patented convertible top system like those found on racing cars. This 88-foot Florida was created by the naval designer Mauro Micheli.


Riva 76′ Bahamas - Open

Image 0400:
Riva 76′ Bahamas

Evoking the wild and glamourous feel of the Bahamian islands, Riva’s second convertible yacht bursts with technological innovations.

At 23.25m length overall, a 5.75m beam, and a 1.98m draft run by a MAN V12 1550 engine for a maximum cruising speed of 28 knots for a range of 320 nautical miles. This eye-catching Riva 76-foot comes complete with three cabins and three bathrooms and a crew cabin with a bathroom. This yacht is built to accommodate 16 onboard.


Riva 76’ Perseo Super - Sportfly

Image 0407:
Riva 76’ Perseo Super

Summer of 2021 saw the launch of the Riva 76’ Perseo Super sport-fly in La Spezia shipyard - home of production for the company’s 76- to 130-foot boats. The Super builds upon the attributes of the award-winning 76’ Perseo’s design, aesthetics, functionality, liveability, and performance. The 23.25m (76 feet) overall length with a 5.75m (18 feet) beam houses three cabins with en-suite bathrooms, and the option for a fourth cabin.


Riva 66′ Ribelle - Sportfly

Image 0399:
Riva 66′ Ribelle

Rebel in English, Riva’s 66' Ribelle is an innovative open cruiser from Riva’s Sarnico yard in Italy. With a MAN V12 1550 hp engine, it is capable of top speeds of 37 knots with a range of 250 nautical miles.

The length overall is 20.67m with a beam of 5.29m and a 1.8m draft. Twelve passengers can enjoy the ride with accommodations in three cabins and three bathrooms with a crew cabin and bathroom.


Riva 56′ Rivale - Open

Image 0398:
Riva 56′ Rivale

Unrivaled in the world of open cruisers, Riva’s 56’ Rivale beats all competition in the realm of design, craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line technology.


Riva 48’ Dolceriva - Open

Image 0397:
Riva 56′ Rivale

Riva Dolceriva is Riva’s inspirational 48' open yacht built for incredibly comfortable on-board cruising with 14.92m length overall, a 4.26m beam, and a 1.48m draft.


Riva 39’ Rivamare - Open

Image 0396:
Riva 39’ Rivamare

Riva’s elegant sport boat, Rivamare, is the embodiment of Carlo Riva’s dream to build absolutely beautiful boats with recognizable lines, unrivaled engineering, and unique style.


Riva 33’ Aquariva Super - Open

Image 0395:
Riva 33’ Aquariva Super

Aquariva Super builds upon the iconic style of Riva’s Aquarama. The Super is updated with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, engineering, and features cutting-edge high-technology.


Riva 27’ Iseo - Open

Image 0394:
Riva 27’ Iseo - Open

Named for the lake where the original Riva namesake made his name in the boatbuilding world, the Iseo is a sophisticated 27-foot runabout that blends tradition and innovation in a clear Riva style. It was from this humble start at Lago D’Iseo, the Riva boat building yard began.