Since its start in 1981, Pershing Yachts consistently built more and more innovative yacht designs. By the early 1990s, the shipyard realized the value of expanding their market. They implemented a new international policy to focus on the United States, the Mediterranean countries, and East Asia.

In 1998 Pershing made the move to join the Ferretti Group, a luxury yacht business, to ensure future growth for the company. Fourteen years later, in 2012, the Chinese-owned Weichai Group, that specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of diesel engines, became the main stockholder of Ferretti Group. This change added financial strength and backing to enhance a strategic vision for Pershing.


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The Pershing 45


  • 1981 - A boat building company is established by yacht visionaries Antonelli, Filippetti, and Onori. For nautical design and manufacture, they established the Cantiere Navale dell Adriatico shipyard to build Pershing yachts.

  • 1985 - Yacht designer Fulvio De Simone collaborates with the company to build the first fast Pershing, the 145. The international success of the design’s technology led to production expansion.

  • 1985 - The Pershing 45 is built. Described as “fast as a speedboat and as comfortable and spacious as a motor yacht,” the Pershing 45 is one of the first open performance boats with three cabins and three heads. Adding to the innovations of the time was the creation of one of the first hydraulic passerelles.
  • 1992 - The Pershing 70 is launched, at that time the largest open yacht built of composite materials. To reach speeds of 60 knots, one of the models included a 4000 horsepower gas turbine. Another Pershing design innovation of the time was a fiberglass arch to replaced the traditional metal frame on the side windows to accommodate a concealed roof. This design component segued to the automobile industry.

  • 1996 - The Pershing 54 is created.

  • 1998 - Pershing joins the Ferretti Group. With additional resources of the Ferretti Group, Pershing sees the expansion of manufacturing and technical expertise for more advanced yachts.

  • 1999 - The Pershing 37 is created.

  • 2000 - The Pershing 50 and the Pershing 115 are built. The Pershing 88 launches with innovative metallic paint. Also, a first in the yacht industry, is a forward garage for a tender and a jet ski. The Pershing 88 line continues for six years before going out of production.

  • 2001-2011 - The 2000s see unprecedented growth for Pershing’s high-performance construction methodology and technology.

  • 2003 - Pershing advances into the superyacht niche with the Pershing 115 project, winner of multiple international awards.

  • 2005 - Itama, an Italian shipbuilding company, joins the Ferretti Group and Pershing guides the company’s re-launch.

  • 2003 - The Pershing 76 is created.

  • 2004 - The new, futuristic shipyard in Mondolfo, Italy opens. The Pershing 50 and the Pershing 115 are built.

  • 2007 - The Pershing 72 is built.

  • 2008 - The Pershing 64 and Pershing 80 win three awards for structural design and contemporary features at the Cannes Festival.

  • 2011-2021 - Pershing continues with yacht models, including the Pershing 108 and the Pershing 90 to become leaders in the sport and custom yacht markets.

  • 2012 - Pershing joins Weichai Group.

  • 2014 - The Pershing 70 is created.

  • 2015 - The Pershing 140 Superyacht Project is launched.

  • 2019 - The Pershing 8X and the Pershing 140 are created. Launch of the TØ Project is this year and the Ferretti family moves towards a sustainable future with sustainable materials and energy-efficient technology.

  • 2020 - The Pershing 7X is created and wins at the World Yacht Trophies 2020 in the best exterior design category.

  • 2021 - Pershing wins with the Pershing 8X at the Motor Boat Awards 2021 in the custom yacht category.