At Italy’s Lake Iseo, the home of Pietro Riva’s humble start as a boat carpenter in 1842, sits Ferretti’s immense, modern Ancona shipyard. The location honors the original birthplace of Riva boats and the yard now manufactures today’s Riva Yachts.

As just one of the Ferretti Group’s six shipyards, Ancona is home to the manufacture of the entire CRN fleet, Custom Line models, new Pershing yachts, and Riva Superyachts up to 90 meters long.

The Ancona yard follows suit with the parent company’s other shipyards located in Forlì, Cattolica, Mondolfo, Sarnico, and La Spezia, Italy. Each designs, manufactures, and engineers with the latest-generation production systems and high-tech equipment.

Spanning nearly 80,000 square meters, with about 25,000 square meters indoors, the Ancona property faces the Adriatic Sea. Waterfront facilities include a 250-meter-wide marina with three jetties up to 100 meters long for fitting out and finishing yachts, a 120-meter slipway for launching yachts over 43 meters, and a travel lift for boats up to 40 meters and 220 tons.

Also on the property are three work sheds that are 90 meters long, 28 meters wide, and 25 meters high. These high-tech facilities are complete with construction equipment for steel, aluminum, and composite yachts.

And at the center of it all, visible from across the lake, is La Plancia (“the bridge” in English), which was Carlo Riva’s office. Riva designed the space with a 40-meter-wide arch supported on two pillars. Over that “bridge” are two bridge cranes, each capable of lifting more than 20 tons of yachts.

To save this icon of Italy’s nautical heritage, the Italian Department of Cultural Heritage has protected the site.


Riva Yachts are built to meet or exceed International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. This certifies that the quality of the company’s products and services meet the highest standards. Ferretti Group was awarded the certification in 2006.