It’s no secret: COVID-19 has changed the way we travel.

We no longer feel comfortable leaving our local or international travel up to chance, spending the months before our departure nervously counting down days, watching health updates on the news, and calling up the spots on our itineraries to check—for the tenth time—that yes, our hotel will be open and we’ll have a bed to relax in once we arrive.

We’ve always known that traveling by private boat offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore locales both familiar and foreign with wind in our hair, opulence under our fingertips, and freedom at the forefront.

But COVID-19 has shown us just how much that freedom means.

Owning a yacht isn’t simply an indulgence (though of course, you will be able to indulge in the travel experiences of your dreams). As the world continues opening back up, owning a yacht is an investment in safer, more reliable travel.



Surprises may be welcome on birthdays and anniversaries, but the wrong “caught-you-off-guard” moment can spoil your vacation or halt your feet before you’ve even left the house.

Though we can see the end of COVID-19 over the not so distant horizon, a growing chorus of concerns about COVID variants reminds us that life is not yet fully back to normal as we look for activities to do now.

You can safeguard your travel plans against any surprises—while keeping your family, friends, and other travel partners safe—aboard the controlled environment of your own private boat.

Even when you choose to boat with a hired captain at the helm, you’ll be the captain of your surroundings, able to control your environment through any changes of the tides. No matter what’s happening on land, you’ll have the freedom to enforce your preferred safety precautions, choose your destinations (dependent on travel restrictions), and select who sits by your side.



After a year spent waving to “high risk” loved ones through windows, heading to Zoom happy hours instead of the local wine bar, and waiting eagerly for the day you’d get to wrap your arms around those you love, you are overdue for some quality time with family and friends.

Family travel aboard your own boat gives you the freedom to shelter family and guests of all generations and health needs in a protective bubble.

Instead of nurturing your kiddos through long hours of online school and searching the internet for ways to keep kids entertained, you can instead sip Mai Tais and watch the family snorkel through crystal clear waters, carefree.



Brokers and dealers alike are recognizing that yachting facilitates an unparalleled travel experience in the wake of COVID-19, one where safety and luxury are set in perfect harmony.  

They’re doing everything they can to connect experienced and new boaters to the vessel of their dreams. This means that buyers can look forward to price cuts and complimentary add-on features, while seeing all their financing concerns whisked away by historically low boat interest rates (between 3-6% as of July 2021) and increased financing options.

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Financing table example (not current)

The wave of the market has made yacht buying more accessible than ever, with specialist financing available for many buyers. A boat loan calculator (like the one available at can give you a starting sense of where boat interest rates stand. 

However, when you’re ready to get help from an expert, you can trust the experience of Allied Marine, where a team of brokers has been helping buyers obtain financing since 1945. Though financing is never guaranteed, our experts have spent decades helping buyers like you navigate the market and turn dreams of yacht ownership into reality.



More than a luxury purchase, yachts are an investment in your quality of life.

You may have spent the last year flipping through the glossy pages of guidebooks and yearning for the summer vacation days when the secluded coves of the Italian coast are before you and the salty taste of the sea is on your tongue.

Thank goodness that day has come.

Whether you’ve purchased a yacht before or are a new buyer, an experienced yacht broker can help make the process smooth as serene water. They’ll also give you access to exclusive inventories and off-market vessels, helping you go from “just looking at the options” to being out on the sea in no time at all.

Allied Marine has been in the business of buying and selling luxury yachts for over 70 years. We are the exclusive dealers of the Ferretti Group brands of luxury, Italian-made yachts—including PershingRiva, Custom Line, and Ferretti Yachts. As leaders in the industry, we’re equipped to connect you with the vessel of your dreams while helping you navigate financing with ease.


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