It is hard to combine innovation, versatility, and high-tech performance all into one. Yet, SEABOB, the world's fastest water-sled, manages to do exactly that while simultaneously being the pinnacle of luxury fun.
Founded in 2007 in Stuttgart, Germany, creativity and premium quality have been at the forefront of SEABOB. With thousands of SEABOB-Jets around the globe, this electric-powered propulsion device has become one of the top-selling luxury yachting toys worldwide.

SEABOB is most widely recognized for its ability to glide across the water surface at speeds up to 14mph or take a dive into the world undiscovered by many, reaching depths up to 130ft. Electric and emission-free, the precision that goes into every hand-crafted SEABOB is what makes this product one like no other.

There are three models available, the F5, F5S, and the top model — the F5SR, equipped with two HD cameras to capture the excitement. With zero prior training, all SEABOB models can be mastered in minutes by any age group.

After 15 years in the marine industry, SEABOB has partnered with over a dozen luxury yacht manufactures, creating custom designs unique to individual brands, yachts, and clients. The luxury yachting industry is one of the SEABOB-Jet’s most praised markets. A warm summer trip to the Amalfi Coast on an eighty-footer wouldn’t be as exciting without the thrill of SEABOB on board.

Continuously drawing the attention of on-lookers, SEABOB was designed to stand out with its bold colors and high speed. It is a luxury yachter’s dream toy; one is simply not enough. A fleet of SEABOB-Jets makes even the most lavish yacht look that much better.

Whether it be the coasts of the French Riviera, the colorful waters of the Caribbean, or the beaches of Hawaii, SEABOB can always be found alongside luxury yachting.
However, don’t let your location prevent you from enjoying SEABOB. While the brand was originally imagined with the ocean in mind, the SEABOB-Jet can be used in any body of water — whether it’s a lake, river, freshwater spring, or even a large pool.

This summer, we traveled to the Northeastern United States to join Allied Marine at their summer rendezvous in Montauk, New York. It was an extraordinary event that captured the true essence of our role within the yachting industry. The Allied Marine team curated a one-of-a-kind experience for the families that attended, and SEABOB was a perfect match for the in-water day at Navy Beach.

All day long, kids and their parents were captivated by the pure fun SEABOB brought to the rendezvous weekend. Its compact size and easy-handling make it the ultimate family-friendly yacht toy — and frankly, SEABOB is a blast!

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