New Custom Line Yachts For Sale


Discover the strong, unique personality in each of our new Custom Line yachts we have for sale.

Bespoke Yachts

In 1996, the Ferretti Group established Custom Line to build large tailor-made yachts that were bigger than those that Ferretti Yachts provided. The Ferretti Group Engineering department, a world-leading research hub, explored new frontiers of engineering, design, and latest-generation materials.

Custom Line transformed cruising into an exclusive, personalized experience. The essence of a Custom Line boat is a harmonious whole where nothing is left to chance. Technology, beauty, and comprehensive functionality meld together. 

Development Of The Ranges

Custom Line yachts started as fiberglass planing yachts, always more than 30 meters in length, and offered an abundance of personalization options for the owner.

Soon the Custom Line range expanded to include both planing and semi-displacement models in their portfolio of new Custom Line yachts for sale so the company could deliver the ultimate cruising experience for the most demanding owners. The planing line includes yachts of 106 and 120 feet in length. The Navetta semi-displacement line includes the Navetta 42 Project, Navetta 34, Navetta 33, and Navetta 28.

The Superyacht Yard

Custom Line yachts are built entirely in Ferretti Group’s superyacht yard in Ancona, Italy. It is a state-of-the-art 80,280-sqm shipyard with dedicated, strategic facilities that use the latest-generation tools for building custom and semi-custom yachts

The superyacht yard is where Italian inspiration becomes innovation realized. This is where cruising becomes art, and where the Custom Line journey begins. Each yacht is a unique reflection of its owners and the highly skilled builders and artisans that bring the project to life.