New Ferretti Yachts for Sale


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The Ferretti Start

From the very beginning, the Ferretti team brought groundbreaking innovation to their boat designs. Since that day, Ferretti Yachts has been an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and craftsmanship of luxury yachts. Today Ferretti builds flybridge planing yachts measuring from 45 to 100 feet (14-30 meters) in length.


Innovations And Style by Ferretti Yachts

Many of the revolutionary innovations developed by Ferretti are still applied today throughout the nautical industry.

Ferretti Yachts introduced numerous brilliant, pioneering features that have revolutionized the pleasure boating world and set new benchmarks. Some of these include elements such as a helm position at the stern, swivel windows in the salon that open out onto the cockpit, an internal passage from the salon to the flying bridge, large windows that are fitted into the hull, Cross-Fiber Technology (XFT), and an infusion lamination process. Ferretti Yachts developed stabilization systems at anchor and while cruising with a revolutionary Anti-Rolling Gyro that enhances comfort by minimizing the boat’s rolling motion.  They also developed trim and drag reduction, underwater exhausts, noise reduction, and electro-hydraulic active steer-by-wire systems.

Their commitment to investing in research and development keeps new innovations flowing. Some of these include joystick packages for easy mooring, integrated monitoring and navigation systems, a submersible hatch, and a multifunctional ceiling system that combines lighting, air conditioning, and sound system.

With innovative choices, outstanding production quality and technological know-how, Ferretti Yachts epitomizes quintessential Italian nautical intelligence and embodies the exceptional standards for which it is renowned.

Presently Ferretti Yachts innovation aims at improving the interface with and usability of yachts and at enhancing the spaces and comfort on board studying new layout solutions and the application of latest technologies.

Ferretti’s Advanced Yacht Technology center is organized by technology areas and expertise platforms. Each division focuses on one specific aspect of yacht development and collaborates closely with technology partners to develop increasingly innovative and exclusive systems.

The Ferretti brand has excelled by consistently combining innovative technologies, stylish design, and outstanding production quality. This powerful synergy of elements results in a range of beautiful luxury yachts that all exude that tangible “made-in-Italy” sensation.


Ferretti Yachts – A Brand Known for Quality

In addition to innovation and thought-provoking design, Ferretti Yachts are equally known for their dedication to performance. Their longstanding relationship with Studio Zuccon International Project, an Italian yacht-design firm, has helped them produce a consistently popular range of sleek, contemporary flybridge yachts.

Designing a Ferretti boat requires venturing into uncharted territory. They create masterpieces that blend performance, comfort and style with unrivalled seagoing qualities. Therefore, their entire team of architects, engineers, designers, and technicians must share the same vision, the same goals. Even though they come from different areas of expertise, the individual teams work as one to achieve the intended result.

Even before ISO standards became a requirement, Ferretti met the ISO 14509 standard two years before it came into effect by employing state-of-the-art technology solutions. It was the first shipyard to do so.

Ferretti Yachts continues to tell a story of nautical gems. Through original stylistic features, functions, and state-of-the-art systems, they have developed a flybridge fleet that now ranges from 45 to 96 feet and can satisfy the needs of all owners. Explore the range of exquisite Ferretti Yachts for sale above.


Expanding Into “The Ferretti Group”

Over the years, Ferretti Yachts formed The Ferretti Group as they made numerous acquisitions of other high-quality Italian yacht manufacturers. The Ferretti Group S.p.A. includes the stellar yacht brands of Riva, Pershing, Itama, Wally, CRN, and Custom Line, in addition to Ferretti Yachts.

The Ferretti Group S.p.A is a global, multi-billion-dollar yachting company headquartered in Forli, Italy. They have production facilities in Ancona, Forlì, Cattolica, Mondolfo, La Spezia and Sarnico, Italy.

With seven brands, six shipyards, and over 170 years of history, the Ferretti Group is the only builder in the nautical market able to offer a complete range of boats. They dominate in terms of design and size, producing yachts from 8 to 95 meters, and can meet the needs of every yacht owner in the world.

The Ferretti Group has a sales network that reaches from the Americas, through Europe, and into Asia Pacific. On a global level, they continue their commitment to building the most beautiful yachts in the world with the passion, innovation and excellence that has always been at the heart of the Ferretti Group's leadership.


Current Models of Ferretti Yachts for Sale

·         Ferretti Yachts 500 - Breathtakingly beautiful, astonishingly comfortable, and personalized inside with two alternative interior-design moods. The Ferretti Yachts 500 ushers in a new era for the brand. She combines nautical adventure with the beautiful domestic comfort you’d normally expect only on larger yachts. 

·         Ferretti Yachts 550 - With the originality of her hull design, her various interior layouts, and the arrangement of her engine rooms, the Ferretti Yachts 550 combines elegance, practicality and seductively beautiful lines. The lowered flybridge and the new forward lounge area on the wheelhouse offer fabulous al fresco spaces to relax in total privacy, without disrupting the yacht’s flowing lines.

·         Ferretti Yachts 670 - Her standout feature is the optimal use of space, inside and out, assuring a perfect blend of conviviality with guests and privacy for the owner. The standard version has 3 generous cabins on the lower deck, and the imaginatively arranged master cabin has an antechamber that acts as a roomy study with writing desk, now an iconic element of this yacht.

·         Ferretti Yachts 720 - With her amazing spaces, unexpected headroom and abundance of areas to enjoy, she takes the cruising experience to a new level. The style of this desirable model is based on a blend of contrasting textures. that play off one another in a profound natural harmony.

·         Ferretti Yachts 780 - A major new advance at the stern offers the amenity of a real beach club, courtesy of the new door-opening system that transforms the area into a delightful place to relax at the water’s edge. A roll bar can be fitted for satellite installations, along with an optional modular hard top with a central awning or glass canopy. 

·         Ferretti Yachts 850 - The garage door tilts open with a special mechanism to reveal a beach area that eases below the water as a large submerged platform for guests to enjoy (and a handy way for the crew to maneuver the tender). Covered walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, billowy curtains and plenty of freestanding furnishings are the keys to a concept that is metropolitan yet livable, ultracontemporary yet warm.

·         Ferretti Yachts 920 - A boat with an ambition for innovation to match her grand scale, the Ferretti Yachts 920 exudes the easy power of a nautical giant. This fantastic flybridge is a true design original – the first in the range to embrace the wide-body concept.

·         Ferretti Yachts 1000 - Majestic, versatile and suitable for all markets, Ferretti Yachts 1000 has reshaped spaces and changed the whole approach to life on board. It features unprecedented design solutions and a choice of two different moods for the interiors. Owners and their guests can enjoy complete privacy and make the most of the exterior thanks to an extremely innovative and practical aft beach area and a spacious flybridge that is connected directly to the forward section.