New Pershing Yachts for Sale


Pershing History

It started out as a simple shipyard in 1981 when three Italian friends Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori founded Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico in Mondolfo, Italy. They built laminate boats, but soon became more interested in motor yachts.

Avid boaters themselves, the trio realized that motor yachts of the day focused only on luxury and cared little for power. Instead of following the traditional path, their goal was to combine excellence on three levels:  Superior performance, top-quality materials, and luxurious interiors.

In 1985 they recruited talented yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni to bring their vision to life. Since they were aiming for speed and performance, they named the company after the Pershing Missile, and Pershing Yachts was born. Their boats have lived up to that reputation.

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Vessel Innovation

Pershing’s first boat, a 45’ open yacht, delivered what they wanted: An abundance of power in an opulent package, but they didn’t stop there. Innovations continued.

For example, their unique vacuum-infusion lamination system for the fiberglass deck, superstructure, and hull gives their yachts great strength and exciting streamlined shapes. Innovative monolithic curvatures around the windows let more natural light enter the interior. Interior and exterior living spaces are innovatively blended onboard, which makes small areas appear large and increases the sensation of space.

Pershing Yachts have evolved into a fleet that ranges from 50’ to superyacht. Each boat still conforms to the company’s initial requirements to produce what is known as “The Pershing Thrill.”

Business Evolution

In the early 1990s the Pershing market expanded well beyond Italy. Pershing enthusiasts could be found throughout the Mediterranean, across the United States, and in the Far East.

In 1998, Pershing’s presence in the American market increased further when they became part of the Ferretti Group, a leader in the luxury yacht sector.

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