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It started out as a simple shipyard in 1981 when three Italian friends Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori founded Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico in Mondolfo, Italy. They built laminate boats but soon became more interested in motor yachts.

Avid boaters themselves, the trio realized that motor yachts of the day focused only on luxury and cared little for power. Instead of following the traditional path, their goal was to combine excellence on three levels:  Superior performance, top-quality materials, and luxurious interiors.

In 1985 they recruited talented yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni to bring their vision to life. Since they were aiming for speed and performance, they named the company after the Pershing Missile, and Pershing Yachts was born. Their boats have lived up to that reputation.

Allow us to educate you on the yacht masterpieces created in Pershing's shipyards. Allied Marine is the only brokerage on the East Coast able to offer new Pershing boats for sale. 

Pershing’s first boat, a 45’ open yacht, delivered what they wanted: An abundance of power in an opulent package, but they didn’t stop there. Innovations continued.

For example, their unique vacuum-infusion lamination system for the fiberglass deck, superstructure, and hull give their yachts great strength and exciting streamlined shapes. Innovative monolithic curvatures around the windows let more natural light enter the interior. Interior and exterior living spaces are innovatively blended onboard, which makes small areas appear large and increases the sensation of space.

Pershing Yachts have evolved into a fleet that ranges from 50’ to superyachts. Each boat still conforms to the company’s initial requirements to produce what is known as “The Pershing Thrill.”

In the early 1990s, the Pershing market expanded well beyond Italy. Pershing enthusiasts could be found throughout the Mediterranean, across the United States, and in the Far East.

In 1998, Pershing Yacht's presence in the American market increased further when it became part of the Ferretti Group, a leader in the luxury yacht sector.

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The first Pershing "Generation X" achievement. A bold coupé created to satisfy the inexhaustible desire to set sail for new vistas at incredible speeds. Pershing 5X marks the start of a fantastic new chapter in Pershing's history. The incredibly aerodynamic superstructure has iconic Pershing flair, including side wings that shield the cockpit and can be separated from or attached to the interior salon using a unique method for opening and closing the glass doors and windows. Four hull windows per bulwark, each with elliptical portholes, complete the design, making the Pershing 5X a veritable "fighter jet" on the sea.

Pershing 5X offers dominating, signature precision performance and is set up for easy docking with a cutting-edge joystick mechanism. Perfection always: Pershing 5X adapts to all weather situations owing to its adaptable spaces. For more information, contact a Pershing 6X sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 5X for sale.

With her sleek, nimble lines and cutting-edge innovation, the Pershing 6X exemplifies the Pershing predatory spirit. She's a burst of power with a peak speed of 48 knots, and she's ready to run circles around the competition and make fun of convention. A rebel by design, the Pershing 6X offers a sleek, pared-back look typical of the X Generation. With wide hull windows that light the areas below deck. The side wings are incorporated into the superstructure, which adds to the overall comfort and pleasure on board.

The 6X is a 62' yacht with a ferocious Pershing instinct that allows it to slice through the sea at speeds of up to 48 knots. Pershing 6X integrates technology, power, and space in precise proportions. The open spaces, such as the spacious saloon with the front openable windows and the dark glass sliding roof, allow the boat to be filled with joy and light. The new rectangular portholes, which are substantially larger, enable air and natural light to enter the spaces below decks. For more information, contact a Pershing 6X sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 6X for sale.

The new Pershing 7X distills the essence of Pershing into a small, perfect package. 7X is lightness. 7X is Speed. Performance in every aspect is what Pershing 7X is all about. The Pershing 7X's lightness is derived from the shapes and textures of the carbon fiber utilized in its fabrication. The external design, with its trademark sleek, agile lines, introduces important visual modifications to the Pershing style, beginning with the brand-new hull and superstructure color.

That striking design is carried over into the interiors created to maximize the use of all areas while keeping the vessel as light as possible. The Pershing 7X's cutting-edge construction allows it to achieve amazing speeds of 50 knots. The open spaces, such as the huge saloon with the front retractable windows and the dark glass sliding roof enable the boat to be filled with air and natural light and rectangular portholes allow that same light to enter the spaces below decks. For more information, contact a Pershing 7X sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 7X for sale.

The revolution in carbon fiber. A leap ahead in Pershing style, with each element, meant to impress, beginning with the building material. The Pershing 8X is the masterpiece of the "X Generation," lightweight, swift, and hyper-performing, with the most spacious, hospitable accommodations and a revolutionary propulsion system. The Pershing 8X’s athletic design and most prominent characteristics are the magnificent side wings and the sun deck's aerodynamic shape and the clever and scenic integration of the stairs leading to the sport flybridge allows an aesthetic hallmark to grow into a utilitarian element, freeing up extra cockpit space.

The twin engines provide speeds of up to 48 knots in the optional configuration and 45 knots in the normal configuration. The Pershing 8X is outfitted with a revolutionary technology that merges propulsion control with maneuvering, navigation, and monitoring systems, all of which are accessible to the pilot via enormous natural carbon panels and 24" touchscreen monitors.

The unrivaled mix of quality and creativity results in environments that are extraordinary in both beauty and utility. The main deck's dual-side entrance guarantees intimacy and seclusion. The helm station is a work of art in terms of design, technology, and sportiness. The revolutionary Music Hull technology allows for high-quality underwater audio listening. For more information, contact a Pershing 8X sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 8X for sale.

A piece of truly cutting-edge nautical design, a work of wonder and surprise, and an awe-inspiring marriage of elegance and technology. The Pershing 9X is a new maxi coupé with futuristic materials and engines that combines the Pershing excitement with "X Generation" quality to provide a unique sailing experience. The broad side wings and the aerodynamic contour of the sun deck highlight its athletic lines. The open-air foredeck and sundeck offer great luxury, while the interior décor exudes elegance and sophistication.

The Pershing 9X provides class-leading performance as well as unrivaled comfort because of its silent operation, even at high speeds, and absence of roll at anchor. The complete integration of the propulsion, navigation and monitoring systems combines performance and control. The Pershing 9X is extremely maneuverable, especially in small situations, thanks to the joysticks and surface propellers. For more information, contact a Pershing 9X sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 9X for sale.



The revolution begins right here. From a 35-meter boat that defies all odds. Pershing GTX116 improves the seagoing experience to a new level with her athletic character and extraordinary livability, beautiful appearance, and razor-sharp concentration on making life joyful.

165 square meters of completely integrated outdoor spaces, as well as the revolutionary Seascape. GTX fundamentally alters the people-boat-water paradigm. The rush of speed and the satisfaction of immense power under control. The GTX116's graceful dynamism stems from the seamless interplay of three 1,800 mhp (optional 2,000 mhp) MAN engines, Kamewa waterjets, and cutting-edge Pershing technology.

The interiors of GTX116 are a statement of style, attention to detail, and individuality, set to match the owner's demands and aspirations, with a harmonic interplay of light and ambiance and refined Made in Italy décor. For more information, contact a Pershing GTX116 sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing GTX116 for sale.

The pinnacle of the Pershing experience. Not only is the Pershing 140 Pershing's first all-aluminum superyacht. It is also the first yacht to include an elevated helm station with direct access to the sun deck. It is the first to have a separate place for the owner on the main deck, as well as the first to have a beach area that can open completely on three sides.

The sleek lines that embody the brand's sporty, competitive attitude are accentuated by recognizable elements such as the two side wings integrated into the superstructure at the entrance of the walkways. The mooring cover with an automated up/down mechanism that retains the streamlined form ensures that the model's aerodynamics are enhanced by the very contemporary shape of the bow.

The technologies are all cutting-edge, in keeping with the Pershing DNA, and combine performance with well-being and relaxation. The Pershing 140's three huge decks and extensive outside spaces make living on board exceedingly comfortable. For more information, contact a Pershing 140 sales professional or explore our inventory of Pershing 140 for sale.