About Westport Yachts

Founded in 1994, Westport Yachts has built over 160 luxury yachts and commercial vessels. Originally focused on commercial fishing craft, Westport has translated this commercial-caliber construction and design acumen into some of the finest ocean-going luxury yachts for sale today. 


Composite Material Technology

Central to Westport Yachts’ superior construction is their pioneering use of advanced composite materials and technologies. Westport’s composite yachts are lighter weight, possess superior strength, and rival their steel and aluminum counterparts without being susceptible to the corrosion these yachts must continually combat. Westport’s composite technologies consistently produce a finished product boasting superior fit, finish, and seaworthiness.


Current Westport Models

Their current yacht lineup consists of 112- to 172-foot luxury motor yachts in two- and thee-deck configurations. Their sleek and distinctive lines are imbued with classic elegance and style in their spacious staterooms, luxurious common areas, and flowing decks.


Standards and Service

Westport strives to ensure each yacht it crafts to be a striking statement for the owner, with standout style, performance, and comfort. Yacht buyers around the world have also come to associate Westport with a higher level of buying experience and customer care. As North America’s largest yacht builder, Westport is equipped to operate every aspect of its operations at the very highest level.


Priced Competitively With Excellent Resale 

Westport Yachts boasts some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Their investments in tooling, engineering, and construction efficiencies combine to produce a finished yacht that can be delivered not only on time, but at considerable value. 

As these efficiencies also equate to a top-notch end product, Westport’s resale is consistently high, and among the most competitive in the industry. They are a favorite of used-yacht brokerage services around the world.


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