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Indian Ocean Yacht Charter

The Indian Ocean is full of interested pieces of land to cruise to and explore.
Contact a charter agent for a customized itinerary in this area.

The Indian Ocean is full of interested pieces of land to cruise to and explore. There are 115 islands within the archipelago known as Seychelles. We're talking about white sand talcum-powder-esque beaches on the edge of emerald waters, all surrounded by lush hills and glacis boulders.

This tropical paradise has a sublime laid-back tempo. Life runs in slow motion on these close-by islands. There's a easy sailing distances between the main islands and the sparkling coastlines. Visit Praslin’s tangled velvet jungle in Mahé, which is filled with exotic birds and giant tortoises.

Stop by Sri Lanka to get away from high-rise buildings. In a sense, time has stood still as old rituals live on and bustling spice-markets continue to thrive. Explore ancient cities, enchanting Buddhist Temples, and emerald green tea plantations.

Another great destination is the volcanic formed islands of Mauritius off the east coast of Africa. There's an incredibly diverse mix of culture here due to the blend of African, Asian, French, and British influences. Visitors enjoy the natural beauty and tropical climate, especially during winter cruising.

A yacht charter vacation to the Indian Ocean isn't complete without a visit to ... India! Visitors to India take advantage of a cultural mix consisting of bustling cities with amazing architectural sights (Taj Mahal), snow covered mountains, bustling bazaars and beautiful beaches.