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Mediterranean Yacht Charter

A region full of some of the most popular yachting destinations.
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A region full of some of the most popular yachting destinations, luxury yacht charters continue to retreat to the Mediterranean. The area is full of modern and classic cities, gorgeous coastlines and engaging culture. It’s easy to create an itinerary that is both relaxing and exciting.

This yachting destination is split into two regions:

West Mediterranean

This is the home to countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Malta. Here we have the beautiful French Riviera and the storied Amalfi Coast. You’ll find incredible architecture, world-class cuisine and vibrant street life everywhere you look. Plus, let’s not forget all the spectacular beaches and landscapes perfect for your escape. This region is ideal for both sailing and cruising, with convenient ports that are accessible to a variety of coastal destinations.

East Mediterranean

This region is a melting pot of cultural experiences in countries that include Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Greece. There are amazing landscapes throughout the many destinations in the area. Exclusive resorts offer a variety of unforgettable experiences. This is a land of myth, legend and ancient ruins that give way to tropical islands and mountainous terrains. This is the destination to visit due to its historic appeal, but you’ll still find a modern city life around the coasts.