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South East Asia Yacht Charter

A combination of ancient allure and exotic cultures.
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A combination of ancient allure and exotic cultures. Begin with the radiant shorelines before being encompassed in a myriad of amazing scenery and architecture. Welcome to a region that begins in east India and continues south of China. This area is filled with secluded islands, a sanctuary for luxury yacht charters.

Areas to explore include:

  • Myanmar (Burma): Abound with cultural history and spirituality. Full of undiscovered sights, Myanmar is the absolute escape from the western world.
  • Thailand: Find radiant beaches and energetic cities known as the “land of smiles.” Cruise through turquoise waters and swim through coral beds and reefs in secluded lagoons. Relish in abundant marine life while surrounded by green hills.
  • Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos: Ancient cultures full of ancient temples and amazing beaches. This area is full of a combination consisting of bustling cities and laid back rural getaways. Laos in particular is not only charming but renowned as “the land of a million elephants.”
  • Malaysia: A combination of Indian, Chinese, and local cultures. Experience the extraordinary orangutan sanctuaries in Borneo and then snorkel after some afternoon surfing.
  • Singapore: Prepare to be pulled in by the ultra-modern cities of Singapore. Enjoy sparkling cities and hospitable locals.
  • The Philippines: An seemingly never-ending island adventure that consists of 7,000 islands. Cruise through fishing villages, pristine beaches, and modern cities. Here you can explore volcanic landscapes and the eighth wonder of the world, the rice terraces of Banaue. No trip is complete without a trip to metropolitan Manila, which is enveloped in Spanish colonial history.