CRN launches challenges, the world of design takes them up, and the yachting industry says thank you. This, in a nutshell, is the sense of the 75-meter yacht Begallta, which embodies a dynamic and cutting-edge spirit.

The new project was developed by the CRN technical team in partnership with the design and architecture studios Lobanov Design—responsible for the exterior lines and the layout—and Pulina Exclusive Interiors, which designed the interiors.

The result is a yacht boasting clear-cut lines, marked by the linearity of the outdoor spaces and the sophistication of the interiors. Begallta is a 75-meter yacht with original and unexpected lines, permeated by a unique and contemporary style that admirably combines the powerful innovation of CRN with the futuristic vision of the Lobanov Design studio.

Image 0484:
Fire pit with seating area on the bow of the CRN yacht Begallta

The silhouette of Begallta catches attention with its clear-cut design, perfectly represented by the tapered bow that resolutely cuts the water’s surface during navigation. The exceptional stylistic characteristic is the sloping line that crosses the hull and the superstructure like a ribbon that expertly joins and merges the yacht’s decks, providing a sense of unprecedented fluidity.

The futuristic inspiration of Begallta reaches its climax aft owing to the cut of the corners that emphasises the unique style of the yacht. Designed for a cosmopolitan yacht owner with a strong personality, who loves discovery and lengthy periods of time on the yacht, Begallta offers a flowing and innovative layout that cancels out the distance between the interior and exterior.

Image 0483:
CRN yacht Begallta

The design solutions actually make the most of constant contact with the natural elements, from the panoramic windows to the large terraces, up to reaching the sundeck where the rays of the sun reflect off the faceted surfaces in a mixture of architectural lines that attract the eyes to the hard top, the element that unites sky and sea.

The contemporary and linear refinement of the outdoor areas is perfectly in step with the metropolitan style of the interiors, where the large areas are embellished by the use of glass and firstrate materials, as well as by minimal style furnishings and advanced entertainment solutions that immediately bring to mind the atmospheres typical of New York lofts.