About Spencer Yachts

Founded by Captain Paul Spencer in 1996, Spencer Yachts melds a lifetime of sport-fishing passion with classic "Carolina Style" yacht design. This North Carolina-based yacht builder has created a line of offshore sport-fishing craft that have steadily become the stuff of legend among serious tournament anglers and yachtsmen alike.


First-Rate Facilities

Spencer Yachts operates two facilities where various phases of its custom offshore yachts are manufactured.

Each hull is constructed in Spencer’s Manns Harbor, NC facility. There, each hull is cold molded to exacting specifications. The facility is equipped with five bays where each custom yacht is crafted by an experienced team of yacht builders. From there, the molded hull is transported to Spencer’s Wanchese, NC completion facility. 

There, six construction bays and 12 docking slips await, where completion of the hull takes place. This is followed by operations and assembly by Spencer’s custom paint shop, machine shop, and carpentry shop to custom-finish each yacht to the customer’s personal specifications.


In-House Metal Fabrication

While some custom-yacht builders outsource the construction of tower, railings, and other metal components, Spencer Yachts believes in maintaining complete design and executional control. Its custom metal fabrication shop specializes in marine welding, tower fabrication, custom fuel tanks spec’d to a customer’s unique design, and even specialty shafts to fit each yacht’s needs, keyed and tapered to the precise specifications of each custom creation.



Spencer’s reputation was born and developed in the offshore tournament environment. Its Carolina-bred pedigree has steadily become the foundation of legendary performance and fishability. It’s overall ride and rough-water seaworthiness are heralded by owners and the marine press alike, with many agreeing it is the best offshore yacht they have ever boarded.


Sought-After Style

From 37 to 87 feet, the strong resale of Spencer Yachts makes them stars on brokerage and anywhere you search for yachts for sale. Their striking lines are a favorite of seasoned seamen and yacht owners who covet the world’s most distinctive fishing yachts.


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