Custom Line yachts offer the answer for mariners seeking power and performance, as well as those who prefer a focus on more traditional long-distance cruising. Ferretti Group's Custom Line brand builds both. 


Between the Planing Line and the Navetta Line - these luxurious yachts are designed to fulfill every lifestyle and cruising need from interior to exterior.

Custom Line's Planing Line has the focus on speed and performance, while the Navettas offer elegant comfort with unparalleled extended cruising. The same passion for excellence is at the heart of each mariner's journey, but each course to the destination varies according to the yacht owner's dream.

Image 0492:
Waterfront area of the Custom Line shipyard


Manufactured in Ferretti Group's superyacht yard in Ancona, Italy, Custom Line is housed in dedicated facilities comprised of state-of-the-art equipment for semi-custom and custom yachts across the entire Custom Line range. 

Several of the Ferretti Group brands are also manufactured in the modern 80,280 square meter shipyard. Also on-site is a private marina facing the Adriatic Sea with 23,000 square meters of multipurpose waterfront. Additional facilities include 14 moorings for 24- to 100-meter yachts, as well as five docks for fitting out and finishing work, whether on new construction or refit projects.

Built to perfection, the Custom Line yachts can further meet specific owner's needs with personalized options. And because each yacht is engineered with a modular design, the owners can more easily customize their dream boat.

Ferretti Group added to the company line-up with Custom Line in 1996 which boosted Ferretti into this specific luxury market with yachts in the 28- to 40-meter range. Other exclusive luxury brands designed, built, and marketed by the company include Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Riva, CRN, and Wally.