The port of Ancona is situated along a tract of the Adriatic Coast that forms an indentation, like an elbow bent over the sea. It has stood there for thousands of years, the name of the city itself comes from Ankón, the ancient Greek word for elbow. And within this port you will find the extraordinary Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard, which also houses Custom Line’s shipyard.

Image 0462:
Custom Line yard on the Adriatic Sea

The Custom Line brand and its first projects were created in 1996 with the objective of developing a series of custom-made composite yachts tailored to satisfy a very demanding clientele. The result was a line of planing boats and another line of semi-displacement and displacement boats, from 28-30 meters (92-98 feet) and above, which offer a wide range of different solutions. The idea was to give space to the personality of those who live one wave after another. That is how high-quality projects are born: they are the product of constant research and state-of-the-art technique aimed at fulfilling the customized dreams of the most demanding ship owners and their passion for life and being at sea. Because sailing is the art of distinguishing oneself.

Ever since entering the market of large composite yacht production, Custom Line has been constantly focused on stylistic research, innovation, and modernization. It stands out in an industry that is mainly composed of medium-small shipyards, which often lack the technical, financial, and manufacturing resources that represent the legacy bestowed to Custom Line from the very beginning by being a part of the Ferretti Group. And that is actually what every Custom Line vessel represents: the alchemy between the excellence of historic craftsmanship and its ability to turn vision into reality, transforming every project into a unique work of art.

Image 0463:
Interior of the Custom Line ship yard

Passing through the gates of the Superyacht Yard in Ancona, you enter the Ferretti Group’s gorgeous and airy ship building spaces, which directly overlook the Adriatic Sea and are dedicated exclusively to the world of megayachts. The area covers 80,000 m2 of land, of which 31,000 are covered, and a body of water measuring 23,000 m2. The site also houses Custom Line’s shipyards, which have been building CRN since 1963, as well as metal recreational boats for the Pershing and Riva brands. These shipyards are like major fashion studios where everything, even the smallest detail, is created and produced with utmost craftsmanship: from completing the hull, to building the interiors, all the way to the thrilling celebration of the launch by means of a massive travel lift that can support up to 670 tons, and finally handing over the yacht to its owner.

The Superyacht Yard in Ancona provides work to over 1,000 ancillary day laborers and 350 employees (technicians, engineers, architects, designers, office workers, highly specialized craftsmen, cabinetmakers, after sales staff, etc.).  The union between technology, aesthetics, maximum functionality, and customer care have led to Custom Line’s continuing success. We can see it as we walk through the five majestic hangars where fifteen units are under construction, and two are under completion in their testing phase on a dedicated dock. Notably, fourteen Custom Line yachts left port and were delivered in 2020. Over the years, Custom Line has continued to renovate its wide range, following two main production lines. The first is the planing line, which includes the Custom Line 106’, the Custom Line 120’, and the new Custom Line 140’ (the hull is currently under construction and will be presented in 2022). The second, the displacing line, includes the Navetta 30, Navetta 33, Navetta 37, Navetta 42, and the Navetta 48 which is still in the design phase. 

Not only is the shipyard very well regarded by its loyal boat owners and new clients, it is also highly ranked among industry experts. In fact, on November 13, the 2020 World Superyacht Award for the category “Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht below 500GT 30 m to 34.9 m” was given to the new Custom Line 106’, thanks to its exteriors with 220 m2 (722 ft2) of walkable surfaces and the interiors flooded with natural light from the ample floor-to-ceiling windows on the main deck, amplifying the feeling of seamless continuity and proximity to the water.

Image 0464:
A Custom Line Yacht ready for launch

The result of over two decades of Custom Line’s work has put a fleet of more than 250 boats in the waters worldwide. From the first meeting with the ship owner all the way to the launch, every Custom Line is an increasingly personalized and dedicated design and construction experience. The owner family is constantly in touch with the contracted team, architects, and project managers, and can see the creation of their yacht step by step, detail by detail. It is a complex but exciting process that leads to fulfilling their big dream.

We are convinced that the secret behind the growth of a brand like Custom Line, which reaffirmed its significant international commercial success also in 2020, is the principle of absolute freedom to customize the interiors so that every ship owner can create the boat of their dreams. Which is why it is impossible to comment on future Custom Line models, whose distinctive features are still in the hearts of aspiring owners, for now.