Gliding across the ocean at up to 14 miles per hour (22km/h) with a minimum of effort seems too good to be true.
The SEABOB is the real deal in todays yacht toys. These incredibly sleek luxury water sports machines have become better, quicker, and lighter.

Simple to operate, the rider holds the control grips, jumps on board, and slowly accelerates with a push of the trigger. Made in Germany by CAYAGO, they feature a unique E-Jet Power System that operates by sucking water in through a revolving impeller and expelling it out at high pressure. The only drawback: After a SEABOB ride swimming seems like a chore.

The SEABOB glides across the water’s surface like a dolphin and can dive under it; in either case, the operator guides the vehicle only with their bodyweight. Easy. The rider always knows depth, water temperature, and battery power via a slick-looking control panel just like a high-performance sports vehicle.

These quick water sleds are completely emission-free, thanks to cutting-edge electro-technology, and new developments ensure they are quieter than ever. You can vary your speed jet alongside sea life or just coast through shallows.

Share your underwater adventures with two integrated camera systems. One in the nose and one in the console for recording the reef and action selfies. Upgrades are available for shooting high definition and transmission directly to mobile. Make the most of your time on the water, with the new SEABOB app to share your underwater adventures with the world as you explore reefs beneath the surface in the Caribbean or jet across the Mediterranean.

For more information, visit SEABOB.