(Part 2 of 7)

Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco, is one of the few select cities where you can enjoy the flair of iconic Riva yachts while relaxing on dry land. As discussed in Part 1 of this series, Riva Lounges and Riva Privées use exquisite details such as sparkling chrome and lacquered mahogany to evoke the emblematic 1950s style of Riva yachts and the legacy of Carlo Riva.

In Monte Carlo, the Riva Aquarama Lounge is positioned in one of the most prestigious locations within the Principality. It graces the top floor of Sir Norman Foster’s new Yacht Club de Monaco, overlooking the impressive yachts in the harbor below. The yacht club was founded by Prince Rainier III in 1953, which is about the same time that Carlo Riva took the reins of his family’s famous boat company.  Prince Ranier soon became a fan of Riva yachts, and ever since, the Riva brand and the Yacht Club de Monaco have been intertwined.

Beyond the Riva and Aquarama logos that adorn the entryway of the lounge, the interior design evokes the essence of the famous Aquarama runabout. The striped floor gives the appearance of the Aquarama’s teak decking. Even the bar contributes to the Aquarama essence, with its two ends sloping downward like the transom of an Aquarama.

In Monte Carlo, the Riva Aquarama Lounge is a favorite haunt for the international jet set. It is also a much-coveted location during the annual Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.

Watch for Part 3 of this series, which will focus on the Riva Lounge and Riva Privée located in Opatija, Croatia.


Photo of Yacht Club de Monaco is by Alexandre Prevot and used under Creative Commons license.