The Experience

When it comes to choosing a boat, or a yacht brand, you should ask yourself, "What is my ideal experience?" Are you looking for someplace to spend a few weeks, a weekend, or do you just want a cool new toy to take to lunch on summer days? Longer trips require a little more space, and a little more storage. You may want several outdoor seating options for your guests to gather, tables with shade, or sunpads open to the sky. Location of the galley is important to certain buyers - do you like to help yourself in the kitchen when that Nutella craving hits or would you prefer personalized service and walk around decks.

Personal Taste

Another factor is your own personal taste and how much attention you're comfortable with. Do you like to turn heads and get a "I have to have that" reaction out of people? If so, consider Riva and Pershing for performance, style and speed. Alternatively, if you love to spend time onboard relaxing, the model that will make you comfortable and feel most at home is Ferretti Yachts. The Ferretti Yachts brand makes a line of fantastic boats that your family will enjoy. Ordering a brand new product allows a client to create their own color scheme and select their own finishings and soft goods. There are also the Itama brands to explore ...


Practicality is another important aspect. Do you have kids and want a yacht with higher side railings? Are the ceilings and door frames tall enough for you? Custom Line is a division owned by Ferretti Group that produces larger customizable yachts, and Allied Marine is proud to be an authorized dealer. It's the choice Ferretti Group brand - allowing you to add custom features such as a jacuzzi tub, elevator, or gym area. Yachts longer than 50 meters (164 feet) are a specialty of CRN. Each CRN yacht is a complete custom build, made entirely to suit its buyer. These vessels frequently offer beach clubs, spas, helicopter pads, or swimming pools; they are unique in every way.


Finally, what is your budget? There is no point spending time researching available boats for sale that cost more than you can or are willing to spend. Allied Marine's professional yacht brokers are experienced and trained to deal with a variety of clients and requests. You will always receive the best service and tailored advice from your broker when you can be as specific as possible regarding what you're looking for in a yacht.

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